Tensei Pro Orange?

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By Matt H

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  1. Matt H

    Matt H
    Davie, FL

    Is this shaft available to order? If not, is there an ETA?

  2. Hi Matt, We are in the process of adding it to our custom matrix, but do not yet have an ETA
  3. Matt H

    Matt H
    Davie, FL

    Does this mean not for the 917, but for the next model?

    Or will it be available for the 917?
  4. Matt H said:

    Is this shaft available to order? If not, is there an ETA?

    Hi Matt, The Tensei CK Pro Orange is available to order in the 60, 70 and 80.
  5. pauldrue

    Nashua, NH

    Cathi...will the Orange be part of the fitting carts, or at a Titleist Thursday event?


  6. Hi Matt, The Tensei orange shaft can be ordered now for the 917.

    Hi Paul, This shaft will not be part of any fitting carts or Titleist Thursday events. Our two Tour facilities should have them available and other Premier facilities may also choose to bring them into their matrix.

    The Tensei Orange is a counterbalanced shaft with a stiff tip. The butt is slightly softer than say a Tensei White, HZRDUS Black, PRO 73. On our chart, we would put it into the low launch, low-mid spin area.

    It will be available on a limited basis for scheduled fittings to premier fitters and others when the TS launches.

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