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By Wes K

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  1. New to Titleist. Seriously looking at new irons, possibly a AP3-AP2 combo and Vokey Wedges. What is the difference between a Titleist Thursday at a local club/range versus a Premier fitter?

    I have three Premier fitting locations 20-30 miles away: 1757 Golf Club, The Fitting Studio @ Westfield and Caves Valley Golf Club. I'm in Maryland so looking at the Virginia/Maryland area.

    I haven't updated my clubs for years. I'm about 90% sure I'm going with Titleist irons for 5-PW and a couple of Vokey Wedges.

  2. Barry B

    Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

    The biggest difference might be the availability of a greater selection of shafts at the "premier" locations. A lot of fitting locations have smaller selections of shafts to try, which may limit the recommendation the fitter provides you.
  3. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Mostly subtle differences. The Premier Center, like the 1757 Club, can fit any day you can schedule, essentially year round. You'd need to confirm if a set of 5-P irons will have the price of the fitting included. Each site sets their own price, but for 5 irons or more, the Premier Centers I have used have not charged for the fitting. You can work with them after the sale for any more adjustments. Titleist Thursdays brings selections and expertise to smaller clubs that otherwise would be working from a limited selection cart. But more limited to the one day a week and usually not for an entire season. The fittings themselves would be similar.
  4. I went the Titleist Thursday route. My fitter had multiple iron shafts available to trial. In the end went with AMT Red R300, provided a better descent angle into the greens
  5. Hi Wes,

    Welcome to Titleist.

    Your best bet will be to do the Titleist Thursday sign up. FREE. There is one at Olney Golf Park every Thursday. I think you can sign up on line or call over to their shop. Outdoor range and a Titleist fitter shows up with EVERYTHING (shafts, lie angles, all head options, etc...) . Outdoor range and they do shot tracker, fittings, etc....

    Could be wrong... but the biggest difference with these Premier locations is price.

    I called up to Caves when I wanted to get fitted for wedges.

    Yes.... you do get an individual pro (at a 1st class facility) who gives you individual fittings, but they charge for their time.

    Hope that helps.

  6. Doug E

    Doug E
    Urbana, MD

    I play a mixed set of AP2 716, PW-7i and AP3 718, 7i-5i. (Yes, two 7 irons.) I would recommend 1757, though I haven't been fit there myself. I was fit at a Titleist Thursdays in Olney, MD. Though free, it is probably not as thorough as a premiere fitter would be in my opinion. There's also a good Club Champion premier fitter in Rockville if that is an option for you. Not sure where you are in MD. I'm in Urbana at Worthington Manor G.C.

  7. Tom B

    Tom B
    Northborough, MA

    We had Titleist last week. Same gentleman that came last year for our day. I wasn't really looking for much (going to get some new wedges maybe) but wanted to say hello to the rep after getting fit last year for my 917D2. Don't know if he could have had much more. Shafts galore, all the heads, irons, fairways, hybrids, every type of iron, and to watch this man work with those being fit was something to see. Outstanding professional who knows his stuff, and really knows Titleist, BUT also knows about much of the competition and how their products relate to Titlest to be able to answer questions. The sign also of a professional....he did not bad mouth the competition. I watched him fit two of my friends, dialing in what they were looking for (one a very good stick who wanted feel and lower fight). In the end the two I watched, and others ordered the irons they were fit for, and went away very happy, but in much anticipation until their arrival in 7-10 days. Bad for me, if they hit them the way they did at the fitting, may cost me some $$.
  8. Nice feedback from everyone. Thank you! I may try both options but I'm really close to Olney so will try that one first.

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