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By Myra

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  1. Myra


    How do you know when you’re ready for a fitting? I’ve only been playing for a year now. Is it too soon to get fitted for clubs? Doni wait until my skill reaches a certain level? Or, do I go early so I can learn and develop with the right clubs?

  2. Go. early.
  3. Now is always the best time.
  4. DSmith36

    Auburn, AL

    If you want to enjoy seeing your game grow as you play more, get fit for clubs. It will help speed up your advancements by getting you in the right clubs for your swing. Every golfer should get fit for their clubs.
  5. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    My biggest mistake in skiing, tennis, and golf is teaching myself. If you can find a pro at a course that can work with you on your game, that person can tell you when a fitting to the clubs you can or aspire to use well is time. Not only did I try to fit myself, but being LH, most came used from online sites. Some trial and a lot of error Not every coach will meld with every player. I went through 3. The half dozen online coaches we won't even talk about. No question my progress in the last 2 years far exceeds what I tried to do for the first 6 years.
  6. Fernando R

    Fernando R
    Sao Paulo

    Go now. The fitter will solve most of your doubts.
  7. No'l

    Palmdale, CA

    Hi Myra,

    You seem like an enthusiast beginner who really love the game. I remember when I started and got the bug, I just got more and more involved with the game, and I think that's you right now.

    If you ask me, it would be the later of the two you were asking about; which is "Or, do I go early so I can learn and develop with the right clubs?"

    It would only get you closer to your own goals in golf.

    Keep up the good work- fairways and green.
  8. mark t

    mark t
    makawao, HI


    I totally agree with Don. If you're taking lessons to get a good decent swing. Your instructor may it be a he or she will give you a decent swing. Then comes loving this game so much that you will practice and play no matter what. You will know. Titleist clubs are awesome, once you have a decent swing, the proper fitting, and equipment it will help your game beyond belief. Also, make sure its a certified Titleist fitter and not some "box store" employee who is trying to sell you the latest greatest thing on the market.

    When you know your swing is decent, you'll get the right Titleist clubs and then it'll be all on you and you can't blame the clubs anymore. Sometimes that's a scary thought.

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