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    Hi...I have a Titleist Thursday fitting next week (19th) and originaly requested getting fitted for the 917 drivers. I am however wanting to look at new 818 hybrids. My question is, will there be enough time to get fitted for both clubs or will I need to book in another fitting....I know they are free but not that frequent at the local range.

  2. Dale V
    Escondido, CA

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    They probably will have time, especially if you kind of already know what you want. Normally pretty quick to dial in the drivers. Gets a little more complex when going through multiple iron models with lots of shaft variations. You can always try to do both and schedule a follow up later if you cant get it all done.
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    I'm also signed up for a fitting next week Thursday. Like you I'm getting fit for driver/woods and was hoping to see if that could translate into a hybrids as well. It's not an immediate need, but to transfer the bag to Titleist it will be a need at some point.
  4. Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

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    For the Titleist Thursday events you can schedule back-to-back times for any combination of clubs you are considering (driver-hybrid, hybrid-irons, etc...). It's probably better to have two times scheduled so you know you'll be able to complete getting fit for both types of club.
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    Re. back to back appointments on Titleist Thursdays.

    That is exactly what I did at Gleneagles on Thursday 12th April.

    First appointment @ 13.00hrs for an iron session/fitting and then second appointment @ 13.45hrs for wedges.

    It all slotted together nicely, but both appointments were booked in one go on Titleist website.

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