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By Marc J

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  1. Marc J

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    To all Titleist Team Members

    I need your advise; I’m looking at the proper long game gapping. My new set which is coming in roughly 2 week will be as follows Driver 917 D2 10.5 degree 917 F2 3 wood 15 degree 818 Hybrid H1 21 degree 818 Hybrid H1 25 degree 718 AP2 irons 5 -PW Vokey SM6 wedges 52;56 and 60 Lob

    I used to carry 3 and 4 iron but wasn’t consistent so decided to go with Hybrids instead. Any and all advise would be appreciated

  2. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    If we all had our own Trackman, you can hit comfortable shots with your 5 iron and longer clubs. Based on your distance gaps you have some flexibility with your metal woods to adjust as needed for what you need. Off the turf, you'd be looking at the gaps in your hybrids and fairway. Off the tee, with your driver, fairway, and 21 hybrid. You might need to move the fairway to 15.75 or 16.5 degrees for most use cases. Depends on the distance you need off of a T for the fairway.
  3. John M
    Clayton, CA

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    I went with a 10.5 driver, 16.5 3 wood, 21 degree and 25 hybrids, 4-pw (forged). PW is 48, SW 54 and lob 58 perfect for NorCal and my swing. Only took 30 years to figure out ha ha. My point is that you’ll just have to experiment and figure it out. Good luck.

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