question on Kuro Kage TiNi 85 shaft for AP3 irons

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By John L

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  1. John L
    Round Rock, TX

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    I'm am planning to order a set of the AP3s after Christmas and have a question on the Kuro Kage TiNi 85 shaft. I think my swing speed is between the R and S flex (I've hit both on 716 AP2s). The Stiff seems too stiff and the R flex forces me to slow down my swing. I've been playing this game for 40+ years and in the old days we would "tip" shafts to get the player the in-between flex.

    My question is will that still work on the more modern shafts or are they too specifically designed that tipping is a waste of time?


  2. Dale V
    Escondido, CA

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    John, I wouldn't take anything this important to chance. I would (and did) go to a Titleist fitting and try several shafts. Get the numbers on Trackman. The new Tensei AMC shaft is great. Sometimes the numbers will surprise you between what you think you need (R vs S). That way you need not worry about tipping.
  3. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    That you tested them on the 716 AP2 doesn't necessarily mean that this will apply to the AP3 that has mass located differently than the AP2. A comparable weight shaft new for 718 is the AMT shafts in Red. Black, and White are also new. The Red is close in weight, and the Black is more of a mid-launcher, similar to how the 85 KK compares to the 65 KK. You can also talk to the fitter about tipping (soft of the S or hard of the R) if it comes down to that before finalizing your specifications.
  4. Joseph M
    Saint John, New Brunswick

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    You could alter the flex for each club by using the shaft for the next lower lofted club- 3 iron shaft in the 4 iron, 4 iron shaft in the 5 iron etc.- this is approximately a 1/3 flex adjustment. However, as suggested by Dale a fitting may open other possibilities and give you a better fit. Unfortunately, a shaft one manufacturer designates regular another manufacturer may consider stiff i.e there are absolutely no flex standards between shaft manufacturers and even within the various shaft models of individual manufacturers. Get fit for the most enjoyment of your new clubs.
  5. mj
    Coquitlam, BC

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    both don + dale r correct, get'll so be glad u did. 5 yrs ago, i was fitted for AP2 712, was fitted with KBS Tour Reg; my new set of AP2...i have Stiff, True Temper, AMT Black. Result is faster ball speed, better launch angle, slightly extra carry, better spin numbers. Not only has technology evolved, but so has ur swing.

    A good fitter w/trackman will get u best set up for ur game.
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    I went to a fitting and I purchased the AP3's in a stiff flex Red Tensei shaft. I was surprised at the fitters choice of head ( I was determined to buy the AP1's) but more surprised at the shaft flex selection. I tried several of shaft options and this was the best combination for me. Over the last several years I have relegated myself to regular flex shafts but the numbers at the fitting proved otherwise. After playing these for several rounds I am happy as a clam.
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    When Titleist Thursdays start up I am going to get fitted for irons and driver, since you cant order directly from Titleist, which web site is the best to place an order?

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