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By Amanda S

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  1. Amanda S

    Amanda S

    So I was able to do my irons and driver/fairway fittings today. As I previously did my wedges. I was a little worried cause I was a couple minutes late, but no worries. My fitter Brent Duncan first started me out with irons and the AP2's. We played around with shafts, even after finding one I liked, we compared the one I liked to other shafts. The one I liked happens to be the one that I got for the wedges. Then I needed a break cause I was cold, lol and wanted to get a little snack. Brent, said ok, take your time cause his last appointment cancelled. I did try a hybrid, which I've never hit before. I might be staying away for now. So then tried a 4 and 5 wood, before going to driver then fairway. My fitter Brent was right on with my wedges, didn't take long to find right settings for the driver. He is very knowledgeable and informative about everything. With the last appointment cancellation we went right through up until about 7ish or so. My 1st appt. was 4:30. Not only does Brent know his stuff he is also very friendly and makes it easy to be fitted. You don't have to worry about the bad shots. So if you ever need to be fitted and are in the Jersey area, definitely go and check him out. Thanks Brent.

  2. Agreed. I share those very same sentiments on Brent. I was fitted Tuesday by him.
  3. Benjamin D

    Benjamin D
    Rockwall, TX

    Titleist Thrusdays are great! I wonder why other manufacturers haven't thought of this?
  4. Amanda S

    Amanda S

    The only problem I had was dealing with the cold weather, lol.
  5. Amanda/Ed - Do you happen to have Brent's contact information? I met him at the event at Indian Springs a few weeks back and want to follow up with some questions but can't seem to locate his details. Thanks!

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