By Paul Duerden

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  1. Paul Duerden

    Paul Duerden

    Hi, i am a new member and could do with some advice. I picked up my new Titleist 917 D2, F2 15, F2 18, and 816 yesterday after having 2 fittings, tjey have the Diamana blue 60 stiff shafts. I previously had png G20 on regular shafts. The figures looked really good on the fittings, however went straight to the range after picking them up and was very disapointed, i seem to have lost 15 yrds carry and my nice high draw, any suggestions, thanks. Paul.

  2. Jackson B

    Jackson B
    Dove Canyon, CA

    Hi Paul,
    Some ranges use limited flight golf balls. However the balls you were using during the fittings were definitely better quality than any range ball. I believe the ball is to blame since you had consistent loss of yards.
    Hope you enjoy the new sticks!!
  3. Matt B

    Matt B
    Columbus, OH

    I would go back to your fitter with both old & new fairway woods, get on the launch monitor to see what is actually different. I'm excited with the results from the 917D2 & 917F2 from solid strikes or mishits, I'm seeing better ball flight & distance gains on both strikes over the 915 models.
  4. Paul Duerden

    Paul Duerden

    Hi, i went back to my fitter yesterday and he has convinced me they are right, the figures seem to stack up, low spin and average 272yds, which i can more than live with, i also think the sudden drop in temperature has had an effect at the range, the problem was i couldn't compare my old G20's as i had part ex'd them. Playing my course on Friday so i'll get more of an idea then, thanks for the replies.
  5. Paul Duerden

    Paul Duerden

    Hi, I have just picked up my new TS2 driver with Evenflow stiff shaft (fitted) My previous driver was 917 D2 with blue diamana stiff. Seemed to get some decent distance gains during the fitting however took it straight to the range after picking it up and I seem to be hitting it low off the face compared to the D2, didn't seem too bad but I know it will cost me distance, any ideas?
  6. MattW

    Thetford, 0

    Only idea I have is to stop hitting it low off the face. The club will only deliver how you swing it!

    Work on your delivery, and strike...and bingo. Ultimately, find someone with GC2 and HMT or a GCQuad and measure strike on a launch monitor
  7. Richard A

    Richard A
    St Neots, Cambs

    You say that the fittings went well and that the figures stack up it sounds like you are doubting yourself and your equipment. You have also changed equipment so things are gong to feel a bit different for a while. Just try and relax a bit and not try to hard and hopefully all will fit into place. Don't forget it's not always the equipment that's at fault.
  8. Deno

    Hawthorne, NJ

    I always tinker with tee height when I feel that my contact isn't solid. I usually make adjustments with a new driver. I'm currently playing the 917 D2.
  9. I really do love my 917 D2 it's massive off the tee. I have a 913 fairway which I just can't let go of. In the u.k a lot of courses I play use mats and I just find it a life saver. It's also the most versatile club when it comes to shot shaping for me.

    Hope you're new clubs workout for you in the end.

    Happy golfing

    You might be best served to play a few rounds during a quiet time on the course so you could play more than one ball and make some "real world" evaluations. Range practice is fine however, playing with the ball you are comfortable with on a course you have played previously often is the best way to make comparisons and evaluate past performance.

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