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By golfinnut

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  1. golfinnut

    Leesburg, VA

    Without going to a fitting (time constraints won't allow it), what kind of numbers would I see, ball flight, etc. with the Project X Yellow shaft in the D3 or D2? I realize that the D3 is lower spinning than the D2, but with the combination of the Med Spin shaft & low spinning head, I was hoping for the more boring trajectory. I hit the ball high now with the 915 D2 with the Aldila Rogue shaft. I was hoping for a little more carry with the lighter Yellow shaft. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. I also understand that I should see a fitter to see all the specs on TrackMan but I just don't have the time. I'm lucky enough to get out and play once and while. Thanks

  2. Went to Titleist Thursday fitting at the range and got fitted for 917 D2 with Diamana Blue 44.5 inch 60 gram stiff shaft. I think that you are implying the Project X HZRDUS yellow. I think that with that shaft, you would see noticeably lower ball flight than with the Aldila Rogue. Depending on your swing type, that could be positive or negative. If you hit up on the ball with the driver, the shaft would increase distance most likely, and you wouldn't need to change your swing to fit the shaft. However, with a negative attack angle, the shaft could actually shorten your drive, and make it less accurate due to the low spin. If you choose to use that shaft, I would recommend the D2. Even if you hit up on it, it would be so low spinning with the D3, that it might be hard to control. I hope this helps.
  3. Chris92009

    Cincinnati, Ohio

    The Project X Yellow shaft is not as boring of a trajectory as the Black...FYI
  4. golfinnut

    Leesburg, VA

    Chris92009 said:

    The Project X Yellow shaft is not as boring of a trajectory as the Black...FYI

    That's kind of what I am hoping for actually. I tried the HZRDUS Black and it was just too stiff & rigid for me ... hit a flat trajectory. Was hoping for more carry & higher ball flight with the Yellow. D3 head (less spin) + yellow shaft (higher spin black) was hoping would = perfect trajectory! HA! Wishful thinking I guess .. without seeing a fitter.

    Incidentally, where can I find a list of participating "Titleist Thursday" clubs near my area?
  5. Chris B,

    What we always say here at the Titleist Performance Institute is, how much speed are you going to put behind it and at what launch angle?

    Without knowing this, it is incredibly difficult to even start to begin fitting a player for proper equipment. Also consider some shafts have different profiles based on how a player loads those shafts.

    In theory a softer tip section shaft should launch "higher", but there is always an exception to the rule. Many players can experience a "softer" feeling shaft bring the ball flight down, and also remove spin, even though the literature says it does the opposite.

    It may sound like a broken record, but we always urge players to see a fitting professional to absolutely make sure they are doing the right things. I wish we could do fittings via text, but that ball flying in the air is absolutely the most crucial data.

    Hope this gives some insight, and please continue to ask such engaging questions.

    Lucas B.
    Senior Club Fitting Analyst
    Titleist Performance Institute

  6. Just to a follow up question, I've been playing the Project X yellow 6.5 with the standard 12 gram draw weight, got the flight but not the distance I'm looking for. So I'm moving to the Project X yellow 6.00 with a 10 gram in my D3 is that enough of difference. My last fitting the yellow was the best performing shaft for my swing. I think a 8 gram would be to light.....

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