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By Mike S

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  1. Mike S
    Lantzville, BC

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    Is there a direct comparison between Nippon shafts and Titleist branded Nippon shafts? For instance, is the Titleist Nippon 970 the same as the Nippon 950 GH or is the 1050 GH the same as the 105T. I'm asking because there is so much more on-line information on the "normal" Nippon ones than the Titleist ones regarding playabilty/players's feedback etc.

    Many thanks.

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    The NS pro 950 was a stock shaft for us in 2001.  We asked Nippon to build us the NS pro 970 which is a little thicker at the tip end of the shaft so it is minimally stiffer, but more importantly, it balances very well in our heads.  The weight and torque are both slightly higher in the 970. 103 grams in stiff and the torque is 2.1.

    The NS pro 1050 GH is much the same story.  Our 105T weighs 113 in a stiff and has a 2.2 torque.  These two shafts were created for us to work and balance seamlessly with our iron heads.

  3. Mike S
    Lantzville, BC

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    Thanks so much Cathi...just what I was after :)

  4. Mike S
    Lantzville, BC

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    One more question. From your reply, am I correct in assuming that the 105T would be better for a slower swinger (90mph driver ss) wanting to get the ball up higher, than the 970?



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    The NS Pro 105T will hit it a little higher (all things being equal), but if you need or want a lighter weight shaft, I wouldn't let the minimal launch angle keep you from going with the NS 970.  The best way to check that out is to go to a fitter and hit the 105T which all our fitters have and can build for you.

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    Hi, I play of 12 HC and swing speed(driver) 90, I am 57 years old.
    my present clubs are m2. At a golf club where i know one of pros tried different clubs (with smaller heads than m2!) it was narrowed down to TM P790, i hit the 7 iron as far as my m2 6 iron! It wasnt the distance , it was the feel of it that i fell in love with. The only thing that is worrying me is the shaft that suited me mostshaft, the N.S. PRO 840. I know it worked for me, but in your opinion does the head and shaft go togrther? I mean long term is the 840 too light?
    Many thanks

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