915 Diamana D+ White 60R or 915 Diamana S+ Blue 60S

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By Andre Hoeben

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  1. Andre Hoeben

    Andre Hoeben
    Veldhoven, Netherlands

    I am looking to buy a 915D2. Done some testing. Have NOT tested Diamana D+ 60 Regular (diificult to find fitter in the Netherlands carrying this shaft). Looking for a comparison with the Diamana S+ 60 Stiff.

    Current specs:

    • Swing speed 95 - 98 mph. 
    • Driver 910D2 9.5 A1 setting with Diamana Kaili 65 Stiff.
    • Launch angle 16 degree
    • Angle of attack +1.5 degree
    • Toe hit go right, heel hits go left

    Should I go for softer flex (D+ White 60 Regular) or more torque (S+ Blue 60 Stiff)?

    TQ, Andre

  2. Steve S

    Steve S
    Tuckerton, NJ

    Hi Andre,

    I'm 56 years old and can still put it out there. I went with the Adilia Silver 60 stiff. I tried all the other ones and that shaft just worked for me. At the end of the day, you have to go with what works for you. Good luck!

    Play Well,

    Steve S.

  3. Roger W

    Roger W
    Irvine, CA


    I suggest you go to a fitter and hit all of the shaft combinations you are looking at.  I was confused just like you.....and after my fitting I was very surprised at what I came away with.  I was too thinking of the 915D2 being a better fit for my my game, boy was wrong. 

    *Was thinking Rouge Shafts but just loved the smoothness and weight of the Mitsubishi Blue S+ 60g Stiff.....after deciding on the shaft I hit both heads in 9.5 Degree


    Swing speeds: Ranged from 95-103 

    Shot shape: Big draws borderline hooks. mid ball flight

    Distance: ranged from 255-265yrds Carry.....

    Spin: 2700-3100 RPM

    *The Winner!


    Swing speeds: Ranged from 100-102

    Shot Shape: Slight draws, a few dead straight.  Ball flight and launch was much higher then the D2

    Distance: ranged from 260-270 Carry....

    Spin: Lower 2300-2800 RPM

    **Put the diver in play this past week and I am just in love with it on the course.



  4. Matt B

    Matt B
    Columbus, OH

    At 98 mph speed you may want to lower the launch to 14 degree to get your angle of descent a little lower and a little more run on the ball. This may require a shaft with a firmer tip flex like the D+ white to help lower the launch. I would imagine the S+ Blue would have a similar (maybe softer) tip than the Kaili your currently playing. As far as mishits, a shorter length driver (44.5") may help. I swing around 100+ mph with 14* launch playing a 915 D3 10.5 driver (A1) w/ Diamana D+ White 70 stiff at 44.5" and love the performance.
  5. Kurt V

    Kurt V
    Austin, TX

    I've had and hit both shafts. Feel is very similar. With that swing speed the blue in stiff ( now S+ 60) is an upgraded version of what you have now is nearly the same. Mitsubishi shafts run on the softer side so I'd stay with stiff. Aldila , on the other hand run much stiffer so a regular would work. 

    If you want to bring the flight down going up in weight would help too like the 70 weight or going to the D+ in the same flex 

  6. Danielsw36

    ridgefield, NJ

    diamana s+ blueboard in regular tipped an inch should work nicely it will stiffen up the tip to lower the torque a bit but you will still get the flex in the shaft just below the grip and that is what makes you carry the ball longer. by tipping it you lower the spin and torque the ball will go straighter and longer including rolling more with the lower spin rate.

  7. Swinging it 103-105 MPH

    launch it 14 degrees

    High ball flight

    Dianama blue 60 g Stiff 915 D2

    spin 2200 - 2700

    Carry it 255-260 - total 275-280

    Do you think I can gain any more yards?

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