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  1. What’s everyone’s take ? I’m trying to decide whether to bag a fairway wood or a Hybrid. I hit both clubs with the same comfortability so that’s not my issues. It’s more or less budgeting for what should be a sooner thing and what can wait.

    Thanks !

  2. Darius V

    Darius V
    Barrie, ON

    The easy answer is to replace the one that needs the most improvement, but that is just too simple.
    For me - I picked up a new hybrid to replace my 3 iron and was glad I did it. My fairway wood is the oldest club in my bag, but as long as I am comfortable with it and it continues to let me place the ball longer than my hybrid yet shorter than my driver I will stick with it.
  3. Mark h

    Mark h
    Ajax, ON

    with the new hybrids being released I am sure you can find 818 for a great deal
  4. Good point
    Thank you !
  5. Stu M

    Stu M
    Keswick, ON

    I would look at it as a hybrid is more versatile across the golf coarse. Where I play regularly the rough is pretty thick. My TS2 fairway metal is amazing and I would recommend it to everyone. Great off the tee to help keep me on the fairway and out of the rough. I guess I would say depending on your game I would look at what would benefit your game more. Fairway metal or hybrid.

    Regards Stu
  6. Sebastien D

    Sebastien D
    Mascouche, Qc

    I prefer a hybrid. Shorter shaft length gives me better control and I play a 19* 816h2 that I fly pretty far so I can use it off the tee when I need less roll than my 3 iron. Higher softer flight but I can play it really soft and hard.
  7. Goldpanner

    Trail, BC

    I am definitely more accurate with my hybrids than my fairway wood. I believe it depends on your course strategy as well. Do you use your fairway on the tee occasionally, that might help in your decision.

    Par 5's are usually where players want to go for it in 2 rather than laying up to a good wedge yardage....most don't make it unless your drive is over 280 yards.

    Next year, I am going for a complete bag fitting and will see what the Titleist fitter recommends that would be best for my game and how to achieve proper gapping.

    I am thinking that with the new TS hybrids will probably make the 3 wood obsolete for me.

  8. Scott D

    Scott D

    I can not live without my hybrid. I find the hybrid more forgiving and easier to hit off of uneven lies. Butch Harmon has said that the only time to use a 3 wood is if you can get to a par five in two and the lie is a perfectly flat one if not use a hybrid.
  9. Tyler P

    Tyler P
    Markham, ON

    Hybrid for sure, so much more versatile.
  10. I'm still super impressed with my 913 fairway and both my 816 hybrids. The hybrids have really helped me out with the correct gapping in my set I have a 3&4 19/21

    I would expect the 818's are even better and then these new TS must be insanely good because mine are fantastic

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