Nate Lashley Gives Us Hope !

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By Darius V

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  1. Darius V

    Darius V
    Barrie, ON

    Great to see Nate Lashley step up and play a great tournament at the Rocket Mortgage Open. He sure made his ProV1x dance around the greens on all four days. His accuracy off the tee was awesome as well. He was not the longest hitter of the bunch, but showed us all that accuracy is number one. I find it awesome to see a 35 year old get into the tour and try to make a living amongst the young bloods. He came into the tournament as a third alternate and went wire to wire for the win. Now he can enjoy his exemptions and plan his schedule instead of try out and hope.

  2. JKissoon

    Ajax, ON

    He did amazing!!! To lead all four days and finish at -25 is really good.
  3. Made for awesome watching!

    Made that ball work
  4. Dennis B

    Dennis B
    New Lowell, ON

    Was awesome to watch. He has such a nice swing. Well deserved win
  5. Barry S

    Barry S
    Oakville, ON

    Had the pleasure to have a brief conversation with him on the range at Rattlesnake a few weeks ago, when he was attempting to qualify for the US Open( which he did). I went to the range just to hit balls and didn't realize that the qualifier was the next day. There was only a 37 man filed so the range was open to members. He was literally hitting balls right next to me, and on 2 down was Padrig Harrington. Didn't know who Nate was, and had to look at his name on his bag. He was very personable , a bit shy, but appreciated me wishing him good luck. It's kind of crazy that now that he has won, it feels like I know him, even though we only spoke for about 60 seconds.
    The way he played and kept his composure definitly warranted the win.

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