Titleist Clubs a Hot Commodity

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By Darius V

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  1. Darius V

    Darius V
    Barrie, ON

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    I wrote about the Indoor Winter Golf Academy at our golf course earlier and how nice it is to get out and swing the clubs through the off season. Last week our two pros held a Titleist fitting event one day to give people an opportunity to try out the new line of Titleist clubs. We are a small club with around 450 members, and I was not surprised that given the fact the course has been closed for so long now, there was a good showing of interested parties. We are not talking hundreds, but probably closer to 20 or so through the day. The interesting part was that in talking to our pro in advance of this, we both felt he would have done well if he got one person to order a set of clubs, and possibly a driver or a fairway wood or two. Well - we were both shocked with the results... At the end of the day he got three orders fo AP3 irons, one order for AP1's, a few orders for Hybrids, and a couple of members that are apparently close to making the plunge !!! Talk about a smashing success :). Obviously the new irons are so good that you just need to put them in the hands of someone truly looking for a new set and they sell themselves.

    So - my new AP3's will have some company out on the links this coming summer :)

    Congrats to Titleist for their great design and commitment to quality !!!

  2. Mitch D
    Richmond Hill, ON

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    Great story, Darius! Thank you for sharing.
    There are Titleist brand fans everywhere, regardless of the size of the membership or event. To your point, all golfers have to do is test, and hopefully get fit for Titleist equipment. After doing so, we believe that we'll out perform anything else on in the market.
    Thanks again for sharing and for your ongoing support.
  3. FJL
    Kitchener, ON

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    Great report Darius.... always intriguing posts from you and yours (Golf Club)... I'm only surprised your Pro expected just one sale, but the turn out vs the orders taken for an assortment of weapons is impressive once you look at it from a percentage of the membership and as you and I know regarding Titleist being put in your hands for a test run... it is what it is! Chuckle!

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