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By Canadian Fescue

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  1. Canadian Fescue
    French and Cold Canada

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    -40windchillin’ in QcCity...

    About golf simulators and screens;

    Do you ? Purpose train/play ? How many hours/month ? Buddy/solo/league ? What type of simulator ? Find them reflecting lifelike metrics ? Do they create bad habits/grooves in swing ?

    LappyNewYear y’all !

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    Well, I am glad I am not in Quebec! and sorry you have to go through that. Here on the West Coast it isn't too bad, although its snowing and frozen, so yes indoors we head!! As far as the simulators and such when I got fitted for my 718AP2 all the data from the Trackman was impeccable. So for me, if Trackman is what Titleist uses to find the best club and shafts for you, then I think it would be a great tool to use during the winter months :)
  3. Darius V
    Barrie, ON

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    Our course has set up a few indoor driving nets at the pro shop for the winter. We have a "Flight Scope" which is a very similar product like the Track Man. The system allows us to hit various shots with different clubs and it records and uploads all the data for us to review on the web once we get home. A very neat idea and a lot of fun to be able to work on the swing through the winter. As for a simulator, the Flight Scope has an option which picks shots for you. It will give you 3 shots to a target that could range anywhere from 60 yards to 240 yds and keeps varying the distance so that by the time you are done you have hit a decent variety of shots mimicking a round of golf (without the putting). It records how well you do as it relates to the target so you can compare your progress over the winter.
    I have only been a few times, but am looking forward to seeing how it helps my game come spring time :)
  4. James G
    Kitchener, Ontario, ON

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    We have an indoor facility at our club we put up in winter with Trackman and also the E6 software that lets you play 100s of courses.
    I have used the trackman and the optimizer to work on my game for a couple years now. Its very accurate and tons of feed back, especially on flight, face to path and other metrics.
    One problem though....... you can get carried away with trackman itis! The condition where information overload gets in your head.

    My goal this year is to play more of the course on the simulator.
    Once a week to use the trackman optimizer for practice and the second time to play course and hit golf shots to targets, line and distance control with pre shot routine. A good combo to improvement.
    Played Kapalua from the tips yesterday ;)
    Cheers Team
  5. JKissoon
    Ajax, ON

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    I live in Ajax and go to a simulator called Tee 2 Pin in Pickering. Its a nice setup with E6 software. I don't know what tracking hardware they use though.

    Owners are very nice and they have some good incentives.

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