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By Barry S

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  1. Barry S
    Oakville, ON

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    I received my new clubs last week. Changed from 716 CB's to a split set combining 718AP2 ( 7-W) , with 718 AP3 ( 4-5-6). Had them ordered 1 degree upright, and bent the the 2's , 2 degrees strong, and the 3's 1 degree week. Shafts are TT 90 reg flex. I know it is not a busy time of year for the golf business here in Ontario, but the clubs were ordered on a Monday and arrived in my hands the following Monday.( 5 working days) That is unbelievable, considering they were assembled in California, shipped to Titleist Canada and then forwarded onto Golftown. You will not get better service , period!!! This is why they are great at what they do, and customer service is the best in the industry. I have hit them twice at the range and played last week, and have to say, WOW. Thanks Titleist!

  2. Mitch D
    Richmond Hill, ON

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    Thanks for the kind words, Barry! Great to hear that you received your irons in a timely fashion. That is the type of turnaround that we strive for. And you'd be surprised at how busy we are at this time of year. The new 718 irons have been EXTREMELY well received and our Titleist National Fitting Centre has been buzzing with golfers looking to get fitted now that we're open through the winter months.

    Thanks again for sharing!
    Mitch D
  3. Darius V
    Barrie, ON

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    Congrats on your new acquisition Barry !!!
    I have to say - that is an amazing turn-around from order to delivery. It makes one wonder why everyone doesn't take the time to get fit for their clubs ? You know you are not only getting the best clubs on the market (in my opinion) but also you get them custom fit to your game and they show up with hardly any delay !!!!
    Play well and enjoy the new clubs. Barry :)
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    Hands down best customer service in any industry.

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