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By Scott D

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  1. Scott D

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    Just picked up my new AP3's. The new clubs 5 through to gap wedge with a Mitsubishi Red shaft look wonderful. Luckily even though the season here is over our club has a heated hitting shed and tomorrow and Thursday are supposed to be plus 8 and 16 temps I can go hit them and dream about next golf season.

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  2. Mitch D
    Richmond Hill, ON

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    Thanks for sharing Scott. It's so nice of you to keep them warm by the fire too!

    We love hearing that you'll be hitting your new AP3's in the heated shed this week. Now THAT is some great dedication. Very fitting for a Team Titleist Member.

    Enjoy getting some swings in with your new irons!

    Mitch D
  3. Scott D

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    Well, I have hit the new clubs. All I can say is WOW! My first set of Titleist clubs had Acushnet on them and have played Titleist since. These are the best feeling clubs I have hit without a doubt. The engineers at Titleist have out done themselves with the AP3's I was a little skeptical when the Fitter Craig Dale and our pro Eric Porter convinced me to believe the numbers and ball flight and to go with the Mitsubishi Tensei Red graphite shafts. Totally sold and will be strongly recommending these clubs to friends. Thank you Titleist
  4. steve m
    oakville, ON

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    Congrats on your new AP3's ! I am also very interested in these irons. I look forward to your thoughts and comments when you finally get a chance to hit them on the course. Like you, I also have to wait for spring but I am definitely going to swing a few of these clubs while down in Orlando later this winter.
  5. Darius V
    Barrie, ON

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    Congratulations Scott... I got mine near the end of October along with a new 917 D2 and although I have only had the chance to get a couple of rounds in with them before the season ended I too am thrilled with the performance.
    Have a great winter !!!
  6. john b
    villedieu les poules, 0

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    Hi Guys

    John from the Uk, got mine a 3 weeks ago and waited nearly a month for them but well worth it! after a very good custom fit at Silvermere golf club I ordered there and then I have played Titleist drivers/fairways for 7 years and can’t imagine playing anything else but iron wise I’ve been a big miz fan but at 56 7 digit player and a few back issues fancied something a bit friendlier,can’t be doing with the large shovel type clubs either!! then when I saw these I felt Titleist had designed these just for me I had to have them and have to say these are very special irons, my custom fit went really well which is unusual for me as I normally swing rubbish but the minute I picked these up I felt so at ease with them and there performance for me was breathtaking nearly 2 clubs further than my Mp53s and I really like the feel, flight and my spin numbers was ok 5850 average so a no brainer, played 5 rounds now and love them. Next season may be a good one, next wedge fitting with the new coneys when there available.

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