New Titleist AVX ???

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By Darius V

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  1. Darius V
    Barrie, ON

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    Hey Mitch.... What can you tell us about the new AVX Golf Ball from Titleist ?

    Who is this new golf ball designed for ? I hear it is likely softer. Does that mean it is targeting us older players with slower swing speeds ?

    When can we expect to see them in the stores here in Canada ?


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  2. Mitch D
    Richmond Hill, ON

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    Hi Darius,
    Thanks for the questions.
    Right now, AVX is being sold in a few test markets in the southern parts of the US. This test market allows us to gather feedback from golfers and retailers which plays a large part in determining if we bring the product to market.

    We are not sharing details on the design and performance of AVX as that would in turn compromise the feedback that we are gathering from these test markets.

    However, in general we do not target age groups (or genders) when it comes to designing golf balls as the golf ball doesn't know the age or gender of the person hitting it.

    Unfortunately, we have not completed our test phase with this golf ball so cannot determine if/when we will see them in store here in Canada or anywhere else in the world (including the US).

    In short, it's simply too early at this stage to have, or share, specific details at this time.

    Thanks again for your questions! We'll let you know right here as soon as we have any other details to share.

    Mitch D
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    Interesting - Thanks for the share Darius and for the info Mitch

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