When To Replace You Ball

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By Kevin B

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  1. Kevin B

    Kevin B
    Los Angeles, CA

    I've always wondered about the life span of of a Titleist ProV during a round of golf.

    Usually begin with a fresh pearl but at some point during my round I always consider using a fresh ball.

    Can anyone explain the life of a Pro V for an amateur? Appreciate the comments. Thanks!

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  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Since you did qualify "amateur", good until scuffed via cart path or trees. Also abrasions from high-spinning shots. Discolorations from gently tapping trees does not affect performance.
  3. Barry B

    Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

    Play it until you scuff it up or it gets discolored enough that you want to pull a new ball out of the bag.
  4. Joe D

    Joe D
    Minooka, IL

    I play mine until the forest snatches it up,or for some strange reason the ball decided it wants to swim.:)


    I say its personal preference, just recently i played 1 ball for six rounds..YES KIDS 432 HOLES. I couldn't lose it, i hit it in the trees find it, hit it in the water just within reach with my buddies ball retriever. Cart path yep found .It became a running joke after the third round. It was cut , scrapped dingy, Titleist was fading.. I lost it on an 200 yd iron shot on the 18th hole. When i lost it i was a little sad.. I say use it until it stops performing...madgolfer. hitem straight ......
  6. Carl T

    Carl T
    Little Rock, AR

    Play 'em to you loose 'em.
  7. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    I think it all depends on the individual. One of my paying pals uses a sleeve each round. Me, I may play a ball a couple of rounds, but normally, if it looks good, I play it. If I am playing in a tournament, I may only use one ball during a round unless it gets mark/scuff on it.
  8. John O

    John O
    Appleton, WI

    Until it's scuffed. If it makes a double or above it goes in timeout too.
  9. Kirk E

    Kirk E
    Murfreesboro, TN

    I agree with most. Keep playing it until there are too many scuffs during regular play. During tournament play I replace them more frequently and save the slightly scuffed for regular play.
  10. John B

    John B
    Kenmore, NY

    Until it loses the sheen and starts picking up dirt/mud because the sheen is gone. usually about 72 holes.
  11. Assuming the ball I start with makes it through to the 18th green, I use one ball for a round. If it survives and still looks good, rolls out well and doesn't seem to have lost any distance, it's the ball of choice for the next 18; however, after the second round, it's time for it to join the shag bag, IMO.

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