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By Joshua B

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  1. Joshua B

    Joshua B

    I've never had a ball fitting but I'm planning on doing it in March. Just wondering what is entailed and what results have you guys seen, just curious as to what to expect out of the overall experience. Thanks

  2. David M

    David M
    Lexington, SC

    I did one at my club last year. I hit 5-6 7 irons, a few wedges, and a couple of drives. The Titleist reps had a launch monitor---and were very thorough. We went through the numbers for each and why one ball would be better than the other. They then gave me a couple sample packs of each. Took maybe 15 minutes
  3. vurich

    First Tee Box

    Joshua, I just attended a local ball fitting by the Titleist ball fitting team. They bring their van, set up on the range with the Trackman and you hit different shots. Usually with a 6 or 7 iron and driver. You hit different balls and the data is accessed and evaluated by your expert fitter and they recommend which ball would be best for your swing and game. A two sleeve of the ball is usually given as a gift from the fitter. It's just another amazing service that Titleist provides! Enjoy!
  4. Speedy

    Newmarket, NH

    I hope one comes to our area. Just looked at the Ball Fitting event schedule and it appears to be only in CA.. Hopefully they make it to the New England area, would love to do this. Never done one before....
  5. CMcLaughlin

    Grand Prairie, TX

    Please post back your experience. Like you I am looking to also go through my first ball fitting as soon as they offer one in my area.
  6. Gabriel G

    Gabriel G
    Cedar Park, TX

    Make sure you sign up in advance. I saw a sign about signing up and I did and they gave me a time. When I was there a guy just walked up and wanted to do a ball fitting. They told him he had to sign up in advance and all the slots were filled. It was an enjoyable experience. Hit my 7 iron, then my driver, not sure what other clubs I hit. But they gave me some real feedback that was helpful to me.
  7. Will E

    Will E
    Cuyahoga Falls, OH

    I also haven't done a ball fitting event but am very interested in doing one. Does anyone know if they do ball fittings at the Titleist Thursdays?
  8. Been trying too get some information on these ball fittings in the uk. Midlands would be good! Does any one no of any coming up? Would appreciate some help
  9. M Black

    M Black

    During my lesson yesterday we discussed my upcoming club fitting and my pro said that he would also do a ball fitting with me at same time. Can't wait till 30th March for my firring
  10. JAYW3


    When I got fitted for my irons, my fitter recommended the ball I should be using. I was using DT Solos. He said that was ballooning on me and I should use NXT's.

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