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By Lee T

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  1. I am looking at the 915 3 wood. I have a friend that hits a 913 with an s300 shaft and it has a strong penetrating ball flight down the fairway, i get the same ball flight with a carry and roll of 230 yards. i am now  looking to purchase a 3 wood with a steel shaft. The only problem is everyone i speak to is telling me its a bad move and that i will struggle to get a good ball flight. Is there a clear advantage to keep a graphite shaft, please feel free to advise.

  2. Hi Lee,

    Great question.  The days of steel shafts in fairways and hybrids are definitely not over.  As always my advice is the only way you will know if graphite works better than steel for you in a fairway, would be to test it out with a certified Titleist Fitter - preferably with the use of Trackman, which is available at any of our Fitting events.  To find a Fitting event near you, visit

    One bit of advice I will give you is that the steel shaft can weigh considerably more than the graphite shaft- up to 40 grams heavier.  Steel produces no torque (or twist) in the shaft at impact and the head weight of the club is lighter.  You can always increase the weight in the head if you do ever decide to purchase a graphite shaft as well.

    However take the chance to try the two shafts side by side at a Fitting - you'll soon find which one feels and plays best.

    Good golfing,


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