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Cost of reshafting AP2’s

Tom B

I got fitted again with the Project X lz 5.5 shafts which i got fitted for last spring!! Gained 6 yards over my Modus3 120 shafts!!

When I ordered my AP2 irons last year, I waited 2 months and gave up and got the Modus shaft. The fitter told me that I need the stiffer tip of the lz because I got a hard late release!!

It’s a bummer, but would like to know the cost of reshafting my clubs with the lz shafts through Titleist to get the correct swingweight!!

Has there been backorders on these shafts lately or any shafts that didn’t pass inspection?

Thanks for your help!!

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  1. 19hole

    I suggest you contact the shop you purchased the irons from. They will be able to help you get a re-shafting cost. The retailer will set the price for you as Titleist does not do this directly for the consumer.
  2. Don O

    You'll have to get the quote through your local dealer. They'll set up the return. Your local dealer can let you know if the iz shaft is in stock as part of placing the order.
  3. 19hole

    There really is not that much difference between the LZ and the Modus shafts. The Modus may flight the ball a bit lower.
  4. JKannard

    I've had my AP2 712s for a few years. Last summer I had them reshafted to X100's at a local fitter. I got the shafts on eBay and paid about $25 a club for the work.

    I could have bought new clubs, but why fix something that is so pure!

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