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Sick to my Stomach

David C

Last night we were swinging our clubs in the family room and my son (who was swinging my 5-wood) hit my brand new 917 F2 15* 3-wood. I just want to throw up. When it rain, it pours! Worst day ever.

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  1. Dale V

    Oh man, that's sad. I took out the ceiling fan once with a sand wedge and my wife has barred me from ever swinging a club in the house again.
  2. Barry S

  3. JReeter

    Remember your mom telling you not to swing golf clubs in the house? Now you know why! That sucks buy another and right it off as a learning experience
  4. Rick D

    My daughter and soon to be son in law came to visit. We planned to play golf, but first I took him to the range to swing the clubs. Of course, he left his old garage sale clubs at home, so on the range he's going to hit mine. As I'm getting ready I see him swinging and he's got my new 915 3 Wood in his hands. He's got the ball teed up as high as hit can go. Before I could stop him he swings, cuts under the ball and leaves a big scar on the top surface, near the hozel. I took it away from him, gritting my teeth. Lesson learned, but the scar still looks at me every time I use it.
  5. Barry B

    I feel your pain!
  6. Dino J

    Oh David ... I'm kind of like JReeter - I can still hear my mother's voice "If I told you once, I've told you a million times to quit swinging that club inside the house!". Then I would have to go outside and while away the time!

    Rick D. - I had a similar experience and have since kept an old set of clubs just for that purpose! If anyone is going to mark up my clubs it will be me and then there is no one to blame but myself. :-)
  7. Jerry M

    Sorry to hear about that's a cruel reminder every time you pick up that 3 wood. I swung an iron about half way back in my bedroom one time and unfortunately took out a light from a low hanging ceiling fan. Lucky it was inexpensive to replace. Learned my lesson well.
  8. J.R. F

    Years ago, in a company outing, I was graced with the self proclaimed best golfer in the shop. On our first tee three of us were talking while he was mindlessly swinging his driver and put a big dent in the top of my 3 week old 983K. I wanted to return the favor to his head.
  9. Jim K

    An expensive lesson to be sure. That oughtta wrap up the indoor club swinging!
  10. Chuck Z

    I stepped on the head of my driver and put a major scratch on that beauty. And have broken a few shafts years ago. Feel the pain.
  11. Steve S

    Wow David C, that's a real bummer. I would have to agree and say go buy another one. Lesson learned.
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  12. Rob R

    David C
    That is too bad. I had my in the house privileges revoked after a chipping practice went of the tracks, when I sculled a ball into a painting hanging on the wall. Yes, the ball ripped the canvas.

    Rick D
    You could buy a new club to wash out the bad memory. Then keep the scarred head and give it to him for Christmas as a reminder to use his clubs next time.
  13. Luke R

    Oh man.... that really sucks! Get a new one and never do it again! Feel your pain though. When I was 17, year was 1995, and working the summer as a caddie at a private CC, I really got into golf. I would do a couple loops and then hit balls on the range and play as many holes as I could. I had some off the shelf no name full set of clubs from sports authority that my aunt bought me for my birthday in May. So after saving some money I went and bought a driver, Great Big Bertha. So one day I am off to the course in the morning but I didn't bring my clubs with me cause I had to do some afterwards. So I get home in the evening and see my golf bag lying on the floor in the breezeway of the house. I am like why my golf bag lying on floor? I always stood the bag up and learned against the wall in the corner. I go over and stand my bag up and grab the driver, pull the head cover off and there is the head of the club barely attached to the shaft. I am like, many choice words coming out of my mouth at this time. I yell up to my younger brother, 3 years younger, and was like what happened to my driver? Dead silence from him. I was like what did you do? He took my clubs to the range with some friends and he hit one off the hosel and the shaft cracked. Needless he got a little big brother beat down and then gave me money for a new driver. To this day I say to anyone that wants to try one of my clubs and before they hit a ball, you break it, damage it, sky mark it, etc, YOU BUY IT!
  14. David C

    Ok, I think the tears might be done falling. My current gamer clubs are now down in the mancave wear they should have been all along. I have dug out my retired 913Fd 3-wood and am moving on. The guys at work told me that you have to laugh at it. So Ha Ha!!
  15. Chuck O

    I can hear my mother, "this is why we can't have nice things".
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