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Shaft Launch/Kick Point

Does a higher kick point give a lower ball launch? Talking about woods and graphite shafts. I hit the ball and would like to bring the ball flight...

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Aldila Phenom shafts

Good evening all. I am wondering where I can purchase the Aldila Phenom shaft for my 917 f2 and 816 h1. I have this shaft in...

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917 Driver

Interested in getting a new driver for this year and i´ve been considering the 917 Driver. I have tried the club and I like...

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New 718 AP3 irons

Hi TT, I just purchased a new set of the AP3 irons and let me just say first glance I loved them, I play an 8 handicap and I...

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Diamana ltd 60 shaft

Hi. I was wondering if anyone knows the difference between the diamana ltd blue 60 shaft and the diamana ltd blue s+ 60...

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716 AP2’s

Hey guys, I have a question. Is it still possible to place an order for the 716 AP2’s?

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