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AVX Golf Ball Review

Matt R

Really love this AVX review, the author really helped put my thoughts into words. AVX helped me gain a bit of distance and lower my spin rate. Love the AVX!

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  1. Fred C

    I love it, too. The problem is given all the ProV1's I just ordered, it will have to wait until next Spring.
  2. Zangetsu

    Great review, can’t wait to game it myself.

    Quite the spinner myself due to high ss, would love a more penetrating ballflight!
  3. Randall R

    Nice to see an outside confirmation of what a lot of us had been reporting for the last few months. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Kathy J

    Great review on the AVX golf ball.
  5. Richard R

    Played the new AVX today. Felt great off driver and stayed on line nicely. It does fly very high. Even for me...a high ball hitter. Great spin on bunker shots. I will definitely be playing this ball.
  6. richard e

    I have played all on the New Titleist golf balls this year and for me the AVX is the best. I am 61 years old, 9 handicap. Believe the hype the AVX is exactly as advertised, above average distance, ball goes the furthest of any model. I am getting @ 20 extra yards on my tee ball. Shots to the green check up nicely. Played same ball for 2 rounds and it holds it color and form, no scratches or marks. Best of all it comes yellow. I don’t know why but I am hooked on yellow balls. They are priced comparable to the other premium balls but the performance is worth the extra cash.

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