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New to TT. AVX vs. Pro V1

A.J. P

Hello everyone,

I just joined Team Titleist. I have been playing golf for three years now. I currently am only carrying Vokey Wedges in bag and plan to switch to a completely new set of Titleist clubs when I graduate college. My question today is about the new AVX balls: Will they help me off the tee? I am a pretty solid iron and wedge player, but my tee balls have been killing me the past year. I have been playing the Pro V1 for the past two years and just wanted to see what you guys think of the new AVX balls?

Thank you for your time,


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  1. Dale V

    A.J. its tough to say, not knowing what you are struggling with off the tee. The AVX has a bit if a lower flight off the driver so if you are wanting more height off your drives, this may not be for you. Get a sleeve of 3 balls and give them a try.
  2. Jerry M

    Not trying to be sarcastic but you should go take a lesson if your "tee balls have been killing you."
    Just my opinion but if you're a good iron and wedge player it sounds like you have a flaw in your swing on the tee. Good Luck in golf and your career after college.
  3. Ryan G

    Depends on what you mean by help. I am a 2hcp and have always played the prov1 or the prov1x. At my course if you spin the ball too much you have some challenges on some greens. I seem to spin the proV too much but like the feel on the diver and putter. I switched to the X to reduce a little spin but hate the feel on my putter. I just tried the AVX today and it is absolutely perfect. I can still spin it enough to hold greens and the soft feel/sound on my putter is great. It seems to have a great piercing ball flight and sounds wonderful off the driver. I think my new ball has been found.
  4. Darryl M

    They have a lower ball flight than a Pro V1, so if that is something you are looking for than they will. One of the best way to find out is to buy a sleeve and play a couple of rounds alternating between the two balls, or I would try to find a Titleist Ball fitting and see what will help you best. It could be a Trusoft, AVX, Prov1x.
    Good luck A.J.P
  5. Mac 229

    I'm a believer in the AVX - softer feel, more distance, and less side spin with a driver in my experience. Buy a sleeve (or 3 dozen like me) and try them side by side to see how they work for you.
  6. Don J

    I've gamed the AVX for a few thoughts
    1. Noticeably lower ball flight with the driver.
    2. At least a half club longer with irons.
    3. Great feel (softer) with irons, wedges and putter.
    4. Does not spin as much around the greens as a PV1/PV1X.
    5. Great wind ball.

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