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Steven M

Has anyone been trying the AVX? Played it the last 2 weekends here in Texas. Ball seems to go longer off driver and 1/2 clubs or more on irons, but not losing much, if any, spin. Does anyone have the same results?

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  1. Dale V

    I picked up a dozen back in November. Seems a bit lower ball flight for me. Really feels good on putts and chips. Had my second hole-in-one with one so they cant be too bad.
  2. Don O

    Not enough time with driver to say with certainty, but consistently went past my target distance on approach shots with irons. It definitely could improve my game if I know when to go with a shorter iron.
  3. Steve S

    Hello Steven N. We are still waiting for the AVX's here at the Jersey -Shore. Hopefully this summer!
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  4. Ralph C

    Looking forward to trying the AVX, it seems like it was almost designed with me as the target demographic. Although I waver between the V1's and the NXT Tour S, I wouldn't mind something a little softer, without sacrificing the greenside performance I've come to rely on.
  5. Jason N

    I saw them at the club I played at most recently. I wish I would have bought a sleeve to check them out.
  6. Andrew S

    Steven, I had the same results. Maybe a little less spin than a ProV1X around the green but I love it. I hope they keep making it.
  7. Graham N

    I have played the AVX for a couple of rounds now. I enjoyed the feel off of the driver and irons. I feel the spin is a little less than that of the Pro Vs, but I still felt confident around the greens. On a 159 yard uphill par 3, I came close to getting my second hole in one. The AVX is plenty durable as I use (1) ball for both rounds, and it is still in the bag ready for round three when the weather cooperates.

    I mostly play NXT Tours, but occasionally put the Pro V1X into play, and feel the AVX is a great ball. I just wish the price point were a bit lower.
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  8. The Dom

    I got a box when I was visiting California during Thanksgiving. I agree that it seems to go longer off the tee and 1/2 club or more on irons, but not losing much, if any, spin. I especially like the feel around the greens since it has been flying a little further than my normal ball. I tend to use Pro V1X and NXT Tour. Had a close call with a almost ace also on New Years Eve! Bottom line, I am excited for this ball and to see what kind of rounds I can shoot with it.
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  9. JSprague

    I have been playing the AVX for about a month.
    I am getting 10 yards longer off of tees and longer with my irons. I like the soft feel around the greens.
  10. William P

    I just picked up a box of the optic yellow balls. I love these balls!! Longer with the driver and irons. It feels so soft!

    Ball flight with irons are higher than other balls, Pro V1 and Chrome Soft, I tested.

    I played 9 holes and durability was great. I did hit a tree but couldn’t see any damage.

    The only drawback would be price. I hope when it’s released nationwide, the price point is revamped.
  11. Fred C

    A friend gave me a sleeve of the AVX. Wow! It feels a bit firmer than the ProV1 but it seems to launch a bit higher, fly well and, holds the green. I'm very impressed and, will give it a full trial if they ever appear in Texas.
  12. D. Coble T

    AVX of NXT Tour S???? I'm looking forward to feeling the diffirence.
  13. Rick M

    I'm in Florida and have been playing the AVX off and on for a couple of months. That's probably like 18 rounds give or take. As others have said it is strong in the distance category and I have compared it head to head off the driver with both Pro V's. Of course that is just off my swing. One thing that I can't quite determine for sure is spin into the green with a mid iron. Sometimes it stops as much as a Pro V1 and sometimes there is a little run out. Short game shows the same. It seems to stop quicker than an NXT but I play occasionally but just not as consistently quick as either Pro V. Great ball though but a little pricey.
  14. Bob L

    Why isn't the AVX being touted like the next NXTs and Velocity at the PGA golf show?
  15. greg p

    Anyone know the MSRP on the AVX? My only reference is the inflated prices being asked on eBay. Curious how this will slot between pros and next.
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