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New Optic Yellow Ball

Chuck Z

Have been wanting to get my hands on the new AVX ball, so while I was at my favorite golf shop wishing everyone a Merry Christmas today, the topic come up. I asked my buddy who owns the shop if I could purchase just one sleeve to try out and the only thing I was able to obtain was a sleeve of the "Optic Yellow" ball. The fairways are dormant now and the yellow ball will only make it easier for this "old coot" to find it in the fairway. Going to put away Prov1s tomorrow and try out the AVX ball and see what everyone is raving about. According to the label, these are the "AVX Player benefits": *Remarkable distance *Exceptionally soft feel *Very low long game and iron spin *Premium scoring control. I plan on using these over the holidays to give them a fair evaluation. The temperatures are supposed to be a mixture of warm, cool and cold. For those out there who have been looking for a premium yellow ball, this optic yellow ball must might be the ball you are seeking. Purchase a sleeve and make your own decision.

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  1. Don O

    I had to buy the whole box - and on the last day of golf this year for me. Only played 7 holes (sun sets early in the first week of December) and only used it on 4 holes. Even with the temps in the 40's, I was a almost a club long on 3 well struck shots that I was able to determine the distance (2 approach shots and a par 3). This looks promising to finally be the yellow replacement for Pro-V. Vision issues make it hard for me to follow white balls, especially if cloudy.
  2. Barry B

    I haven't been able to find any AVX's, so I'm looking forward to your detailed write-up of your evaluation.
  3. Dale V

    I have been going through a dozen too. The white ones. Still have 6 left. I think I like ProV1 better off the tee with the driver but like the AVX better on short shots and putts. Had to retire one AVX after it found the bottom of the cup (hole-in-one).
  4. Chuck Z

    In my round today, I prefer the Prov1 off the tee. Off the irons I feel that the ball is a little longer and checks up a little more. Putts well. I did hit one hybrid a bit longer than expected from the fairway, with run out. One round does not make or break a ball. Need to play a few more rounds with the sleeve.
  5. mark t

    Congrats. You might be the first person who has made a hole in one with the AVX.
  6. Doug E

    I'm really liking this new AVX. I bought a dozen in Florida while on vacation and really love it off the driver. Have hit some of my longest drives of the year, and the temps are in the 40s-50 here in Maryland. Great around the greens as well. Still have about 5 dozen new 2017 Pro V1s left over, and will continue to play them next season, but will surely treat myself to a few rounds with AVX's, at least until I blow through the initial dozen. At that point, I may decide to buy more. Wouldn't be surprised if their performance gets even better when it gets warmer.
  7. Dave N

    Chuck , I tried a sleeve a month ago. I'll stick to the PRO V1. Felt weird off the club and sounded different, really different. Performance was about the same. Just my 2 cents.
  8. Michael JC

    Dale V, nice AVX ace!
  9. Lance P

    Love a yellow ball on a dormant much easier to find! Haven't hit an AVX as of yet but hope to find a pre-owned one soon!
  10. Dwayne N

    Was able to pick up a dozen at local shop last week played one round in 39 degree weather on a windy day so not a true reflection on performance. But I am headed to florida this week and will see how they preform in real golf conditions looking forward to the trip.
  11. Roger D

    Hmmm. First I heard of these. I want some. Interested in seeing some more solid reviews maybe some video on shots around the greens. Check the drop and stop stats.
  12. Chuck Z

    Finally returned to the course last week and was able to play a couple more rounds with the AVX. It just does not compare off the tee for me, with the Prov1. The more I hit it, I just could not find that it is the ball I would play. I am not a digger so spin is not an issue with me. It might roll a little farther with my wedges and short irons around the greens. I really prefer the roll on the greens with my Prov1 with my putter. Overall it is a good ball, but I am definitely sticking with my Prov1. I am sure that some of you will like this ball but it is not for me. The optic yellow is easy to find in dormant Bermuda fairways and when you occasionally hit it into the rough. Suggest trying it.

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