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Convert ProV1 into ProV1x....


Does anyone else wish there was a way to convert ProV1 into ProV1x -- nothing sadder than finding a Titleist ball on the course, flipping it over and then seeing it lack that X that I need so bad. Maybe Titleist can start an exchange system haha

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  1. Chris Hatem

    Find a friend who plays the 1's and make a deal.
  2. Barry B

    I don't mind finding ProV1's on the course, although I would rather find ProV1x's.  I give the ProV1's to my brother since that is what he plays. He usually reciprocates with any 1x's he finds.

  3. Greg P

    Don't pick it up.  Leave it there until someone picks it up and is willing cherish and appreciate it for what it is. 

  4. Bob T

    I play the Prov1's and friends of mine that use a different ball give me ones they find and I do the same to the brand they play.  So if you let others that you know what you play,  the same may work for you!!! 

  5. Keith M

    Have you tried using the Jedi mind trick? 

    I've found my fair share of Pro V1s, but only 1 V1x that I can recall and it was marked with "refurbished".  I don't mind finding Pro V1s though.  Somebody or some bodies have probably enjoyed all the Pro V1xs I have had a nasty habit of losing lately.

  6. NCBob

    Easy. Take a black pen and add a little x, now it is a ProV1x.  LOL

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