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Gary L

How many rounds of golf do you play before you wash your hats?

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  1. etakmit

    It's rare that I ever wash a hat actually
  2. Robert L

    When I see the discoloration creep in... visor is currently in the laundry pile.
  3. JHarlow

    I never wash mine. I wear them until I can't stand the look and smell anymore and I throw them away.
  4. Eric C

    Every round when it's hot and I sweat throughout the hat. Every 4-5 if it's nice out.

    I never wash a hat. It always seems to lose it's form. In addition, I have quite a few so I just toss and grab another.
  6. David A

    I throw it in the wash after every hot summer round. I tend to sweat through them when it's very hot out. I also only wear the mesh hats in the summer to help keep cool.
  7. Gabriel G

    I tried washing my hat once. Came out in bad shape. So I never wash them anymore. When they start to look bad I throw them away. So you tell me I could wash my hat? I could save so much money!
  8. Joe D

    When I see the salt build up,from the sweat.around the band,or its looks to dirty.
  9. Allen L

    Five rounds. Three hats in rotation.
  10. Chuck Z

    Once I see the sweat ring. Spray a little shout and into the dishwasher it goes. Matter of fact this is wash hat weekend. I have about thirty plus hats that I rotate.
  11. John O

    I don't wash them because they tend to lose shape and color if I do. Once it starts getting funky, it goes in the yard work pile and a shiny new one comes out. Hats are my vice though. I love a good Titleist hat. I have more than I probably should. Especially now with all the different color choices.
  12. Michael M

    I vacation in hot/humid Florida frequently and recently played a round with sweat literally dripping from the end of my bill like a leaky faucet. It was difficult to concentrate as sweat dropped on the head of my new Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 Notchback over putts. So my question is how is the best way to wash your golf hats? And does anyone use multiple hats per round like many do with gloves?
  13. Speedy

    When it rains... Other then that I never wash my hat... Love that dirty, rugged look.. Keepin it real ya know?
  14. Darron K

    Once I get discoloration and or it begins to smell. I hand wash mine with a soft bristle brush and hang to dry.
  15. Brian D

    Gary, you have some pretty nice shirts hanging up there as well. To be honest, I have never washed a hat. Always thought it would be ruined after, but seeing your picture, I have a different opinion.

    What's your process for getting them looking so good?
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