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Lie Angle and Bounce


Hi Team Titleist,

Recently I've just fitting my SM4 wedges (52 and 56). I've learned that if you strengthening the loft or open the clubface, lie angle will be flatten and the bounce will be reduce. Its the opposite if you weaken or close the face angle. I also know that if I bend the lie angle it is not going to change the loft and face angle because its different axis.

My question is if I bend the lie angle by 1 or 2 degrees flat or upright, is it going to affect the bounce? (loft and face angle remains the same)

Thank you,


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  1. Gene S

    Hi Kris,

    A change of lie angle will not reduce or add to the effective bounce on your wedges.

    Strengthening your loft i.e 56 > 55 degrees will decrease bounce and weakening your loft i.e 56 > 57 degrees will add bounce.

    Thanks for the query,


  2. kalambay

    Thank you for the info Gene

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