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Team Titleist UK Facebook group

Daniel S

Good Morning all. what does everyone think of a Team Titleist UK Facebook page?? some where we can arrange meets etc??

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  1. Steve W

    Sounds like a cracking idea! I'd sign up for it.
  2. AMoss

    Good idea. You’d get notifications which would help keep involved.
  3. Gary Forde

    i am up for that.
    if you set it up, you can invite me by using my name as above.
  4. SAnderson

    I would be up for that
  5. Shoaib

    Brilliant idea!
  6. Jonathan L

    I'd be up for that as well!
  7. ian e

    That’s a thumbs up
  8. john h

    Great idea
  9. BR

    Great idea I’m In
  10. PaddyGolf

    cracking idea!!! Maybe Hannah & her team can set it up?
  11. Gaaary

    I thought about this a while ago, a place where Titleist members could chat easier, arrange things and show some photos of their gear between each other, a sort of unofficial page as Titleist have Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
    I did put a TT group on facebook but I haven't started it yet. If it's ok with Hannah and the Titleist guys i'd start it up but wouldn't want to step on their toes as this place here is for the members ?
    Any thoughts ?

  12. John Strachan

    Is there a Facebook page or is someone thinking of starting one?
  13. Hannah M., Team Titleist UK

    Hi Guys,

    Sounds like a great idea, we are very happy for you to set this up! As long as you keep it a closed group and invite people into it we would be absolutely fine with this! :) I would be more than happy for you to share the link on here when it is up and running.

    I've seen that there is already a Team Titleist Texas group set up so why not be a UK group!

    Please let me know when you have set it up. Don't forget to invite me! :)

  14. Gaaary


    If anyone wants to join, a facebook page has been set up called TeamTitleist UK.
    Search on Facebook for it.
    Ask to join through facebook and I'll add yous and see where we go from there i.e Arranging a game or just a bit gossip.
    The more the merrier !

  15. Hannah M., Team Titleist UK

    Here is the link:


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