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Winter Golf Getaway!

Mitch D Team Titleist Staff

Now that many of the golf courses across Canada have shut down for the season, it's time to start thinking about winter golf getaways!

Are you and your golf bag chasing the sun and headed somewhere warm this winter?

Do you have a 'go-to' destination that you're returning to or are you trying somewhere new?

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  1. Barry S

    My wife and I are heading to Jamaica next week for 11 days. Have 4 rounds booked at Cinnamon Hill and White Witch in Montego Bay. This is our 9th time there and we obviously love it as we keep going back. I even get the same caddy each time .
  2. Darius V

    My wife and I are not planning any trips this winter. It is possible we may take a trip in April but for now I have enrolled in an Indoor Winter Golf Academy at my local course. We have three driving nets and a putting area. One of the driving nets is set up with a FlightScope (similar to the Trackman). This gives us a chance to hit balls and focus on direction of club impact, club and ball speed, ball spin etc...
    Hopefully I can fine tune some of my shots throughout the winter and perhaps fix some swing flaws :)
  3. Todd J

    Taking a (twice cancelled last year) trip to Hawaii in January. Will be there 2 weeks and yes taking my Titleist full bag to play with.
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  4. Todd J

    Taking a (twice cancelled last year) trip to Hawaii in January. Will be there 2 weeks and yes taking my Titleist full bag to play with.
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  5. James G

    Barry your timing is perfect!!! I am going to Jamaica in Feb and really want to golf. Staying at Grand Bahia runaway bay and was thinking to play Cinnamon Hill. If you recommend it I'm in! Who is your caddie and maybe I can look for him?
    For 25 years I have done a March trip south, from Jekyll Island to myrtle, Orlando to Pinehurst, and several stops at Cheraw state park in south Carolina.
    Hoping this March will be my 26th year, likely Myrtle again (easy drive).
    I miss golf already.
    Just got my new custom Vokey PW 46 deg, KBS 610 wedge shaft to match my 50, 54, 60. Sadly its gonna have to wait till Cinnamon hill in Feb???

    Happy holidays my friends!
  6. Barry S

    Hey James. My caddy at Cinnamon hill is Garnett. He is one of the old timers there and knows the course inside and out. He has caddied for me on at least 20 occasions.
    There is another one that I have also paired up with named Vinton. He is an excellent golfer in his own right and will offer hitting tips and corrections during the round. I just have a loyalty to Garnett as he know him longer, plus the caddies get a little possesive with repeat guests.
    I have only played Cinnamon Hill and White Witch. To be honest , the views at White Witch are spectacular as you are playing on the side of a mountain, so lots of elevation changes, ad distant water views Cinnamon Hill is at sea level and the are a few holes running along side the ocean. Cinnamon is also more of a quaint atmosphere, where White Witch is a bit more commercial. Both are beautiful, and offer different layouts. If you can , try a round at each, and bring extra balls if you go to White Witch. You will love either one.
  7. JKissoon

    I wish, we just had a baby so no trips planned this winter.
  8. FJL

    The gang will be doing Myrtle Beach again next March. To me it's the best time to escape because you can party with the guys and get the embarrassing rust out before the Golf Season starts for us up here.
  9. Darius V


    I wish, we just had a baby so no trips planned this winter.

    Congratulations on your new baby !!!
    Enjoy your first Christmas with the little one :)
  10. James G

    Thanks Barry, I absolutely will. Very much appreciate the review and advice.
    Happy holidays!
  11. GMillar

    Leaving the snow for any place sunny is good for me. However, i don't think you can go wrong hitting Scottsdale or Palm Desert!
  12. BHanner

    My wife went on our first winter golf holiday, we went down to Phoenix for 8 full days and got 6 rounds in. We’ve already booked a place for Dec 2018 for the month.
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  13. Canadian Fescue

    2018 Cuba/Varradero. Not expectations.
  14. Wendy H

    No winter getaway planned for us this year. Last year I went to Mexico but sadly that’s not on the books for this year. I envy those of you who are getting away....hit a few good shots for me please.

    JKissoon....congrats on the new addition to your family!

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