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Mark h

Wow the Ap2 718 irons look sweet. Time to replace my current AP2s. Anyone else looking to upgrade to the new model?

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  1. MB

    Right now I'm going to say no, but when I see them on the shelf I likely won't be able to help it
  2. william f

    Absolutely Mark, can't wait to have my fitting, does anyone know when the hybrids wll be released.
  3. Stephen F

    The 718's do look pretty sweet! I'm looking to upgrade but I'm not sure if will be the AP2's or maybe the AP3's... I'm going to have to try them all!
  4. Barry S

    I changed my 714 CB's for 716 CB's this past March, so not looking for new irons at this point, but would possibly change my 915 hybrid for the new 818 if i see a noticeable difference once I demo them.
  5. Peter H

    Great looking irons!

    I don't need new irons (714 - AP2) but I will hit the 718 - AP2's this fall to see the difference.
  6. FJL

    Not going to rush into this, although the 718 offerings are very handsome all around indeed.
    Honestly, I'm waiting to see if I win the incredible Sweepstake that TT Canada has offered about a month ago!
  7. RBH

    Just purchased 716 earlier this year. I may be tempted to buy a couple hybrids. Once I hold one of the new irons though, all bets are off!!
  8. Darius V

    FJL... I can fully understand why you would want to wait to see if you won the sweepstakes, but my luck is not that good so I am going to jump and do it right after my fitting on September 5.
    For example... I have been a member with a group of golfers from the Toronto area for over 30 years now. I normally make at least 8 of those each year. The group holds a 50/50 draw at each tournament so that means I have entered over 200 of those 50/50 draws and have NEVER won ! There is one lady that won three times last year alone, and another gentleman has won two times in a row this year ! Some people have the luck, the rest of us simply have to work for it :). If I do happen to win, I can always use the new hybrids and fairway metals... No harm in having more than one set of clubs around.
  9. FJL

    I hear ya Darius, I'm in the same luck category as you! I doubt that I will win as well but have to be prudent as one never knows and one can always dream, right?
  10. Mark h

    Let us know how the fitting goes and some feed back Darius

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