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Leland H

I have 50* vokey gap, on a swing monitor what could I reasonable except in distance gap with a vokey 46 degree wedge...Full swing with 50 degree is 105 yards....Thank you...

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  1. 19hole

    Very hard to say without knowing your swing, but about 10 yards would be typical.
  2. RKelly

    Roughly 115 but get a gap test done to be sure.
  3. David T

    The rule of thumb is for every 4* increase in loft it approximately equals 10 additional yards. I find this to be pretty accurate for an average effort swing, good contact, ProV1 ball, on a Tuesday etc, etc, etc. As they say your mileage may vary.
    Whats frustrating is that on Trackman I can hit my 52* anywhere from 90 to 120 yards depending on how hard you swing and how much you de-loft the face.
    I agree with RKelly - get a gap fitting done to be sure.
  4. Greyson S

    I would recommend going to a 54 to 56 degree. I see a lot of the pros bags having four degrees of loft between the pitching wedge and aproach wedge then six degrees of loft between their sandwedge and lob wedge

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