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June 1 2018 Team Titleist Ohio Spring Outing 2018

Sean N

Dear Team Titleist members, I am here to announce a Spring gathering at Eaglesticks Golf Course in Zanesville, Ohio. I know that Mr. Chris Bidwell is hosting a Team Titleist Ohio event in July at his course in Cincinnati. I am very excited to visit his course again and visit with all who can attend that event. I have arranged the following event with the help of a long time Titleist PGA Certified Pro Kelly Morrow at Eaglesticks Golf Course in Zanesville. He is very excited to host such an event and is prepared to put on a quite a variety of things to do for the day at his course. This is the information I currently have from Kelly:

"Our rate on Friday’s is $46. Bag of balls is $4 per person.

Here is what I am willing to do: 18 holes w/cart and range balls Titleist Corn Hole Contest with Winner receive a Dozen ProV 1 or X balls. Beat the Pro Contest- Two Drink Tickets Per Person I have a couple of other ideas that I would discuss with you that I think could be really cool.

Net price- $40 per person. "

I have reserved tee times for 28 players starting at 12 pm. Either Kelly or the local Titleist Rep will have the fitting cart available in the morning before golf to try out all the newest Titleist Equipment, with no purchase obligations. Please respond to this forum if you are interested. Thank you very much to Abby from Titleist for her support in this event! Sean Nicely

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  1. Tyler H

    What a great opportunity for those that can attend.

  2. Sean N

    I am planning on being at the course at 10am to enjoy everything that Kelly is planning to offer! Should be a full day enjoying the Titleist experience!
  3. Chuck R

    Plan on 2 from the Rinkes family. Thank you Sean
  4. LizzyVal

    Sean - I think this is tremendous that you (and Chris B) are organizing your own local Team Titleist event! I'm sure we'll see photos and hear all about it on the discussion boards!
  5. Sean N

    Thank you for your response Chuck!
    Lizzy, I will definitely post some photos and banter back and forth with many of these guys! I couldn't put on the event without the full support of Abby and the rest of the Titleist staff members like yourself! We appreciate everything that Titleist does for its consumers! Titleist is a great company with respect for the customer! Thank you.
  6. Allen L

    Thanks Sean for getting an East Ohio event going. Count me in. Senior playing from those front tee's.
  7. ScottyC50

    This is closer to my hous than the Cincy one......sounds like fun!
  8. Matt G

    I’m in
  9. Lucas H

    Count me in!
  10. TNicely

    Count me in!
  11. Sean N

    I probably don't have to say this, but I will anyway. Please remember that this event is sponsored by Titleist, please respect that fact and don't come dressed head to toe in another company's gear. Thank you.
  12. Matt G

    Matt G

    I’m in

    Matt Grover and Alex Grover
  13. Mike r

    Let me know the Date, I live West of Cleveland this would be fun
  14. Bill S

    Stufflebean x2 are in. Thanks Sean!
  15. Matt G

    Matt G and Alex G
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