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Someone left this behind......

19hole Certified Titleist Fitting Professional

Found this playing the second hole on the Grand Cypress South course yesterday. Someone came up I but short of the green in the H2O......

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  1. Jack H

    Wow! Great find! That is really cool!
  2. Chris P

    Not every day you come across one of these Gems!

    wow, very nice.
  4. joe t

    I wish I could order some of those as part of the customizing process.
  5. Greg L

    Can you order those as customized balls from Titleist?
  6. Todd T

    You 'Ole BallHawker!
  7. 19hole

    Not really Todd, was trying to find a ball for someone in our group and this was one of the many that were found.
  8. Jim S

    Great find. Put it in your collection in a proper spot.
  9. John P

    Nice find!

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