Titleist Introduces Vokey Design SM9 Lightweight Options

New lightweight shaft offerings make great wedge play accessible to all golfers

Vokey Design SM9 wedges featuring lightweight steel and graphite shafts will be available at retail beginning March 10 worldwide, providing more in-store options for moderate swing speed players.

The SM9 lightweight featured shaft program is aimed at players who may gain better control around the greens with a shaft profile consistent throughout their bag. For golfers who prefer lightweight shafts in their irons, having wedge shaft options at retail is a critical part of finding the right wedge and improving their wedge play.

“Every golfer has a unique swing and requires a unique wedge,” said Master Craftsman Bob Vokey. “Finding the right option for your swing type can allow you to hit any kind of wedge shot, in all conditions. Playing the right shaft can make a massive difference in performance.”

Featured shafts for Vokey SM9 Lightweight include KBS Tour Lite 95 (wedge) and Tensei AM2 Red (regular, ladies). KBS Tour Lite is a lightweight steel shaft designed for players seeking additional spin and precision control in their wedge game, while Tensei AM2 Red is a graphite, high-launching shaft for players looking for more control from their scoring clubs. 


  • Ultimate in shot versatility
    • Vokey SM9 wedges provide the ultimate in shot versatility through seven tour-proven grinds – F, S, M, K, L, D and T. Finding the right grind to match your swing and playing conditions will give you the best turf interaction, contact and shot performance.
  • Progressive Center of Gravity for precise distance & trajectory control
    • The CG has been raised vertically by adding weight to the topline design, where a tapered pad at the back of the toe helps align the CG properly without being visible from the playing position – promoting a more controlled ball flight and solid contact.
  • New patented Spin Milled process for maximum spin
    • A new Spin Milled cutting process in the SM9 models – which includes tightening our allowable tolerances - produces consistently sharper grooves wedge after wedge, resulting in higher, more consistent spin. 


The Vokey Wedge Selector tool on Vokey.com  helps golfers select the proper loft, bounce and grind options for their swing and course conditions. Vokey recommends that golfers visit their local Titleist fitter to confirm the results. Experience the Vokey Wedge Selector tool at: https://www.vokey.com/tools/wedge-selector-tool.aspx.


Vokey Design SM9 wedges feature a modern, clean look, which provides a canvas for customization. The WedgeWorks  custom options include:

  • Six unique toe engravings
  • Stamping options | 10-character Straight/Freestyle stamping; 15 characters around the toe; and two lines of 10 characters each
  • Custom paint-filled | Loft, Bounce and Grind markings and BV Wings logo
  • SM9 wedges can also be custom ordered with an industry-leading selection of shafts, grips, shaft bands and ferrules. For a complete list of options, visit www.Vokey.com 


Shafts: Lightweight Steel | KBS Tour Lite (wedge). Graphite | Tensei AM2 Red (Regular and Ladies)

Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 White | Ladies: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 White Flat Cap U58R


Loft and Bounce:

  • KBS Tour Lite 95 (Wedge): 50.08F | 52.08F |54.10S | 56.08M | 56.10S | 56.12D | 58.14K | 60.12D
  • Tensei AM2 Red (Regular): 50.08F | 52.08F |54.10S | 56.10S | 58.14K | 60.12D
  • Tensei AM2 Red (Ladies): 52.08F | 54.10S | 56.10S | 58.14K | 60.12D 

Available in three finishes – Tour Chrome, Brushed Steel, Jet Black


Vokey Design SM9 Lightweight wedges will be available globally beginning March 10 at $179/wedge (Steel) and $195/wedge (Graphite).