The Winning Setup: Patton Kizzire at the Sony Open in Hawaii

Titleist Brand Ambassador Patton Kizzire earned his second victory of the young PGA Tour season at the Sony Open in Hawaii, outlasting Titleist golf ball loyalist James Hahn (Pro V1x) in a marathon six-hole playoff.

Kizzire relied on a Titleist Pro V1x golf ball and Titleist golf clubs from tee to green to shoot four rounds in the 60’s (67-64-64-68) and equal Hahn’s score of 17-under-par 263 in regulation play.

Let’s take a closer look at the Titleist equipment that Patton trusted at Waialae Country Club along with some insights from the Titleist Tour staff who helped outfit Patton with his winning setup.

What's in Patton's Bag:

Golf Ball: Pro V1x

Driver: 917D3 (10.5º) 

Fairway: 917F2 (16.5º)

Hybrid: 913H2 (19°)

Irons: 718 T-MB (4), 718 CB (5-6), 718 MB (7-9)

Wedges: Vokey Design prototype SM7 pitching (48.08 F Grind), gap (52.12 F Grind), sand (56.08 M Grind) and lob (60.06 K Grind)

Putter: Scotty Cameron GoLo Tour

• • •

Patton on his Pro V1x golf ball: "I have such a greater appreciation for what goes into making the Titleist golf ball (after taking a tour of Titleist Ball Plant 3 in New Bedford, Mass). It starts from scratch, and we get these beautiful, perfectly round, seamless, white Titleist golf balls. I would say that if you really want to appreciate how good your Titleist golf ball is, you have to go through the plant, because they're so precise with every little detail, you can't even believe it until you see it."

Patton on working with the staff on the Titleist Tour Van to create a blended set of Titleist 718 irons: "My question to them was, 'Where's the switch start?' They helped me settle into the pitching wedge through 7 iron [MB], 6-iron CB and 5-iron CB, and the 4-iron T-MB. They make sure that everything in my bag is where it needs to be. They're here every week and spend a lot of time with me. They're fun to work with and we're friends. I love having them on my team."

Titleist Tour Rep J.J. VanWezenbeeck on Patton's setup: Patton likes the look of traditional irons and the 718 MB fit the bill for his look and his desire to control flight. As he moves up through his bag, having multiple options in 718 really helps. He moves to 718 CB with his 6 and 5 iron, then moves to 718 TMB at 4 iron, which helps gapping and ball flight at the top of his irons. 

J.J. VanWezenbeeck on Patton's 917 D3 driver: "Patton throughout his bag likes traditional look but needs vertical help with his angle of attack. A 10.5 917D3 driver helps him with launch but still control his swing. The shaft is based on a platform he had success with early in his career and loves the feel of."

Patton on his Scotty Cameron GoLo Tour Putter: "I walked up to one of the tour bags before I was on the PGA TOUR, that had all the putters around it. I'd kind of been going towards a mallet about five or six years ago and I gravitated towards the GoLo. It had a nice, solid mallet feel so it was perfect for me. I have had several GoLo putters and I've used different versions of them over the last several years, and they all seem to have had some magic in them."

Scotty Cameron Tour Rep Kelly Moser on Patton's custom black head/shaft combination: "Patton has been using a Scotty Cameron GoLo model since his mini tour days. The one he is currently using was a back up that was made for him when he first earned his PGA TOUR card. He had a stock shaft and silver head version that he used for a long time, but he wanted to shake it up a little so we made him one with a black shaft and a dark finish. He loved it and after his victory said he's pretty sure this one is in the bag permanently."