No Detail Too Small: New Pro V1 and Pro V1x Sidestamps

A golfer admires the new sidestamp designs on the 2021 Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls.

To make the best performing and highest quality golf balls in the game even better, we changed every aspect of the new Pro V1 and Pro V1x – from core to cover. The gains you'll experience in Distance, Spin and Feel are a direct result of the feedback we received from golfers just like you. No detail was left to chance, from the new dimple patterns that optimize flight for each model, to the new sidestamps that put the final premium accent on the most important piece of equipment you'll rely on this season.

The sidestamp is a printed marking on the equator of the golf ball that identifies the specific model and differentiates it from all other balls. A unique side stamp is a pre-requisite for any ball to be listed on the USGA's Conforming List of Golf Balls and there is a wide variety of characters, spaces, shapes and symbols that golf ball manufacturers can use when they submit new sidestamps for approval.

The original 2001 Pro V1 golf ball featured a simple, block print sidestampThe original 2001 Pro V1 golf ball featured a simple, block print sidestamp.

Before Pro V1, not a great deal of detail went into the block letters of the sidestamp. But in the early 2000's, we began to see an interesting trend. Many players were orienting their golf balls and using the sidestamp as an alignment aid. Some players used the sidestamp on the tee, aligning their body lines parallel to the sidestamp and using it to start their drives on target. Even more players were using the sidestamp on the greens, as a straight-line reference to more precisely aim their putts.

Other players were even augmenting the sidestamp. Titleist Brand Ambassador Brad Faxon is credited as being one of the first players on tour to use a permanent marker to draw a line through the sidestamp, a practice that a majority of players have adopted today. (Check out how Brad marks and uses his Sharpie line in the following video:)

As far back as 2002, Pro V1 sidestamps incorporated arrows to accentuate the use of the sidestamp as an alignment aid, but in 2007, based on feedback from players on tour, we went a step further. Both the 2007 Pro V1 and Pro V1x featured a new alignment system called A.I.M. (Alignment Integrated Marking) that gave players a bold straight line in addition to arrow heads. The combination provided a strong visual that made it easy for players to orient the ball and improve their aim and alignment.

Both the 2007 Pro V1 and Pro V1x (pictured) featured Titleist's A.I.M. sidestamp advancement

Both the 2007 Pro V1 and Pro V1x (pictured) featured Titleist's A.I.M. sidestamp advancement. 

Since then, we've invested even more time and resources to sidestamp development. In 2018 we offered enhanced alignment logo options for the first time on and they quickly became the most popular logos in our custom library.

One of the custom alignment logo options available at

For the new Pro V1 and Pro V1x, we created dozens of potential new sidestamp concepts and in April of 2020, we conducted a broad player research study that polled nearly 15,000 golfers. And as Senior Golf Ball Product Manager, Frederick Waddell explained, a wide variety of players were consulted.

"Our 2020 study included over 400 PGA, Korn Ferry, LPGA and Champions tour players, more than 600 PGA club professionals and nearly 13,000 members of Team Titleist. It was important for us to learn how all golfers view and use the sidestamp. We knew that it was becoming a more significant feature of the golf ball, but only when the survey results came in did we truly understand the full scale. Today, over 80% of golfers are using their sidestamp at some point during the round to help with their aim and alignment."

The results of the study revealed a wide variety of player preferences, but among the choices presented for consideration, one design – a simple outlined bar and arrow point combination/variation – was the clear favorite. In fact, "simplicity" was a common theme expressed by many players in the comment sections of the survey. Particularly among tour players, it was important that we preserve the clean and elegant aesthetics of the Pro V1 that golfers have come to appreciate.

"I prefer to have a clean looking ball. Most guys use their own markings anyway. Best to leave a clean slate for everyone to do as wanted." – Anirban Lahiri, PGA

"Simple is the best!" – Jenny Shin, LPGA

"The cleaner the better." – Willie Wood, PGA Tour Champions

Golfers spoke and we listened. The final sidestamp...
Golfers spoke and we listened. The final sidestamp designs for the 2021 Pro V1...1/2
...and 2021 Pro V1x golf balls.
...and 2021 Pro V1x golf balls.2/2

On the flip side, there was also a large contingent of players who felt that a simple sidestamp enhanced with additional alignment features could be useful:

"I liked the side stamp with lines on top and bottom as well." – Jimmy Walker, PGA

"There is nothing worse than strolling up to your ball on your first hole and realize you're about to smear your fresh sharpie line you put on 4 mins ago.... love the concept of the lines already there." – Piri Borja, Korn Ferry

"Have always loved the ball... would make it easier with those lines already there since I wont have to try and make a straight line on the ball." – Rafael Campos, PGA

"Like the addition of the track lines." – Ben Martin, PGA

In our 2020 Sidestamp Survey, golfers were...
In our 2020 Sidestamp Survey, golfers were presented with three sidestamp options.1/5
For each stamp option, golfers were also asked to...
For each stamp option, golfers were also asked to consider two additional enhanced alignment options.2/5
We're constantly testing new sidestamp designs...
We're constantly testing new sidestamp designs with golfers including these enhanced alignment track line prototypes... 3/5
...these variations on arrow themes...
...these variations on arrow themes...4/5
...and even asymmetrical sidestamp concepts, like...
...and even asymmetrical sidestamp concepts, like these.5/5

So how did we satisfy the wishes of both groups of golfers? We decided to make them both – a simple, clean sidestamp to please the traditionalists and a version with enhanced alignment for the players who favor a stronger visual reference.

"Operationally, we now have the ability to accommodate much more customization," said Frederick Waddell. "Just as our goal is to provide golfers with a variety of performance options (by giving flight, feel and spin options in Pro V1, Pro V1x, AVX and Pro V1x Left Dash), we also want to provide golfers with preference options, whether it's the color of the golf ball, custom play numbers, logo artwork and custom imprinting and now, most recently - custom alignment options. It's just another way we can make the golf ball truly yours and help you play your best golf possible."

• • •

In addition to standard dozens, we also offer enhanced alignment sidestamps as a stock option for the new  Pro V1 and Pro V1x

Want even more help getting lined up? Click here to view our complete library of enhanced alignment logo options and start your custom order today.

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