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By Quinn J

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  1. Anyone have any tips on going from regular to stiff iron shafts. Going from dynamic golf s300 regular flex in some old Titlest CB, to the KBS tour 90 stiff in 716 AP2’s. Thanks

  2. Rob_Roth1

    San Diego, CA

    There is a big difference in weight between those shafts. Make sure you're ok going that light.

    Did you try the regular KBS Tour shafts with similar weight?
  3. They are 105 grams. Is that to light ?
  4. Rob_Roth1

    San Diego, CA

    R300 are 127grams so almost a 20gram difference between that an KBS.

    So it can throw you off

  5. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    If you were using S300 they are stiff. The TT Dynamic Gold regular flex is R300. Go to your closest Titleist Thursday and hit some to make sure you like the feel and trajectory.
  6. Lol duh my bad. R300. And to late , I have them. That’s why I asked for tips on hitting them and what kid if difference to expect
  7. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    That's a tough one because you are changing two variables, the shaft and the head. The AP2 might have a bit stronger lofts so that could impact ball flight along with the shafts. generally, the stiffer, the less kick so you might get a lower, flight with a bit of a fade. probably more pronounced if you have a slow swing tempo. Hopefully you will be able to dial them in. Stiffer are usually more accurate (tighter dispersion).

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