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DT TruSoft Players: Share Your Feedback Here!

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager Team Titleist Staff

Have you been playing the DT TruSoft this season? Is it your Titleist golf ball of choice? If it is, then we want to hear from you!

Add a reply to this thread and let us know what you think about the performance of this golf ball.

We can't wait to see your feedback.

- Mike

9 Replies

  1. Corey V

    I did pick up a pack of DT TruSoft and thought it was much better than the previous seasons TruSoft. It had a nice soft feel with enough stopping power, definitely not as much stopping power as a Pro V1, but enough. I gained a little bit more distance with my irons as I think the spin was a little bit less, but the height in which I got made up for it. I especially liked the height I was getting on my driver as I generally have a low ball flight with my driver. All in all a great ball and is well worth the great price!
  2. richard e

    I have tried both the DT TruSoft and the Tour Soft and have been impressed with both products. The Tour Soft feels softer for me (a quality I like in a ball) and plays well but the DT True Soft seems to perform better overall. I picked up a sleeve of the AVX and will try these tomorrow!
  3. TonyF

    I've been playing DT True Soft for several years now and yes, the New DT True Soft is a better ball. I noticed it right away with a sleeve of 2 that I was sent for trial. The Distance was about the same, but the feel was much better around the green. Short to mid irons have a higher ball flight. At least it appears that way. The price point is a big plus too.
  4. hal w

    I like the trusoft. As a hacker, the ball is very forgiving, goes a good distance, and is great with the short game. Keep up the good work.
  5. Andrew I

    I like the Trusoft as it gives me more distance then a ProV or the other balls in the product line.

    I have not tried the new AVX but the price on that is not attractive.
  6. John W

    Wondering what the compression rating is of the True Soft
  7. John W

    Anyone know the compression rate of the 2018 DT True Soft?
  8. TFord

    I used the DT trusoft throughout a very wet and windy winter in the northwest of England! I usually play the Pro v1x in the normal season but found the DT was up to the challenge through the winter months and would highly recommend
  9. Pat R

    In preparation for a trip to Hilton Head Island ladt October, I bought a dozen DT Trusofts just to try. After a week playing them, I decided that the DT Trusoft is gojng to be my ball in the future, once I use up my supply of ProV1s and NXT Tour balls.

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