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Pro V1 vs Tour Soft


Hi TT. Is there anyone out there that has had a hit with the new Tour Soft balls? How do they compare to Pro V1? Cheers

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  1. Jerry M

    I did but for putting only. It's very obvious the Tour Soft is a lot softer than the Pro VI. I had to hit the Tour Soft a little harder on the putting green than the Pro VI. I would believe the real test comes with the irons, hybrids and Driver. Good Luck!
  2. JR F

    I have tried the Tour Soft but usually play the ProV1. In my opinion it's a good ball, for the price range, but the cover seems to mar quite easily. I don't think that you'll quite get that greenside performance that you do in the ProV balls.
  3. Dwayne N

    its a decent ball, plays a little longer than the NXT tour S and is possibly a little softer feel within a few yards of the ProV1 on distance but I have a moderate swing speed so someone with a faster swing may think they are too soft
  4. Andrew K

    I have played both and much like Jerry M said, the Tour Soft is much softer than the ProV1 all around. Off the putter it's almost too soft; irons and woods it's amazing how soft it is. With that said, I ordered 4 dozen of the Pro V1x's. It's not a ball for me.
  5. Ryan G

    I found the tour soft is too soft and spins too much. A little miss hit of the driver and the extra spin I get can be dangerous. It felt great in the putter but that was about it. Now the new AVX is an absolutely perfect ball.
  6. Jeremy L

    I just bought a couple of dozen of the Tour Soft and have only had the opportunity to putt with them and hit a few wedges. I feel its a great ball for the price and will give me the distance I need since I am still recovering from a shattered elbow.

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