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How good is this???

Dennis H

The snow banks/drifts are mostly getting the melt job. I was just out in the driveway and noticed a brown object sticking out of the melting snow. Lo and behold it is a Fed/EX box containing a dozen Titleist Tour Soft golf balls. The information on the box says it was shipped on the 23 of January by Marcy Smith from Acushnet. I am sincerely sorry that I didn't acknowledge the balls before-Thanks (Guess the FedEx guy must have dropped the box.)

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  1. Tyler H

    Wow, was a find. Glad to hear that it is thawing out and you will get to play soon.

  2. Dr. Kovatchian

    Reminds me of growing up in the Midwest...when spring hit and all the snow started to melt we used to look around the snow piles in parking lots for peoples lost cash that may have been plowed into an arctic mound never to be seen until spring.

    Enjoy your found treasure!

    Dr. K
  3. Roy McAVOY

    How sweet is that, I’m going to go dig through the remaining snow banks. Lol
  4. Don O

    Man, that's hard. Our courses in central WI only have declared fully open on Sunday, but my snow drifts have been coming and going since mid-February. They'll thaw nicely inside.
  5. Michael JC

    The glacier receded, and lo and behold a box from Titleist!
  6. Steve S

    Wow Dennis, what a find! Congrats! Enjoy.
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  7. Ryan M

    well that's a cool find to stumble upon.
  8. Johnny Tee

    Wow, thank goodness for spring!
  9. Dave N

    Your lucky, coulda been a porch pirate who dropped it also.
  10. Travis W

    Couldn't think of a better find in a snow drift. But, then again, I live in Florida for a reason :)

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