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Prototype golf balls/ bag tag


Are they still sending out prototype golf balls or did I miss out. And did they make new bag tags ?

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  1. Dale V

    Tim, They "share the wealth" with TT members so getting test balls and "goodies" like bag tags are random. Keep your profile current and maybe you will get lucky.
  2. Don O

    The large prototype testing tends to be in the fall time frame for the balls released in January. A complete profile will likely get you a TT tag, and put you into the mix based on your profile for new ball validation. As Dale suggests, it is a random process to be selected.
  3. Sam K

    Fill out this request form and they will send one...
  4. Lance P

    I've tested prototypes once and I've received one bag tag. It's not a weekly occurrence that a Titleist envelope graces the mailbox but when it does it's a great and welcome surprise!
  5. Richard M

    I have tested prototypes twice, and it is really cool to think that I have some input in the ball that I love to play!
  6. J.R. F

    I have tested balls before but it's been a while.
  7. larry m

    This request is not a sure thing. Mine has been in for months. Must be a random thing
  8. augusto r

    I agree ☝️ with Sam K

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