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Pro V1 - Need in Yellow

Michael C

I play Pro V1 balls all the time and love. However in the winter with dormant Bermuda fairways I find a yellow ball is much easier to see in the winter. Are there any plans to make Pro V1s in yellow? Sure wish you would!!

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  1. Barry B

    This question has been asked by many other players. Since Titleist hasn't produced the Pro V1 or Pro V1x in optic yellow yet, I wouldn't bank on it happening. Next best choice is the optic yellow NXT Tour S.
  2. Jim K

    This topic/request/suggestion seems to pop up every few months. I'm with you on the yellow ball. Maybe the next version of the V1?
  3. Dennis B

    I wish they would too. Maybe Titleist will rethink about making a yellow ProV1. There could be other players that would prefer a yellow ball.
    Here's hoping maybe 2017 will have a yellow ProV1

  4. CrazyGolfNut

    I agree with yellow golf balls. I have very poor eye sight and I see yellow ball a lot better than white.
  5. Todd T

    Its been asked for several time, would be nice, but don't see it happening.
  6. Darron K

    During the winter months I usually go to the NXT Tour Yellow ball.
  7. John G

    Someone on here had a recipe for dying the balls. He had made his ProV1's pink or purple or something. They came out really good. Do a search.
  8. Mike W

    If enough people demand it they may do it.
    Here's my vote for yellow
  9. Jonathan B

    I always wanted the best ball in yellow
  10. Tom P

    I agree. I play the ProV1 year round in all conditions. It would really be helpful if there was an optic yellow option.
  11. J L

    I agree with the 'yellow' sentiment! I am slowly but surely making the decision to use a yellow ball exclusively. Fortunately, I am a big fan of the NXT Tour S golf balls! Would still like to see the Pro V's come out in yellow!
  12. Bill W

    Mega Dittos on the call for a yellow ProV1. Titleist is really missing out. I would much prefer to play the no. 1 ball but the utility of the yellow ball has led me to the cally Truvis (yellow and black) and the Bridgestone Tour B330-RX Yellow. Too bad. In another post, Titleist said that there was no demand from the Tour. How can there be a demand if there is never a product for the Pros to try?
  13. John B

    For those who think anything but white is for lesser players, get a grip - it’s 2018 and Titleist needs to step up with their premium ball in yellow. After playing a Prov1X for over a decade, I switched to a yellow Chrome Soft this year strictly for the color and am not regretting it. All things considered, I prefer a ProV1X, but I also want a ball with better visibility. There was a time when tennis balls were made only in white- when was the last time you saw a white tennis ball? The switch was made for performance reasons. Get with it Titleist.

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