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Up until now my main interaction with golf balls was simply trying to hit one. Now I'm starting to be able to feel the difference between balls. I'm a fairly high handicap golfer who has been playing for 2 years. I went to all Titleist clubs last year and am completely happy with them.

My quandary- In addition to the ProV1 and ProV1X Titleist has released a new DT Trusoft, Velocity, TourSoft and AVX.

Other than buying multiple sleeves of each and doing a massive cross-comparison - how do I figure out which works best for me? I am hoping that a ball fitting event happens near me and I can get a spot in it.

Any other thoughts?

Abby L- the chart of ProV1 vs ProV1X and AVX was great. Is there such a beast for all balls?

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  1. Don O

    If you are working on your short game to improve spin for better stopping power, then the Pro-V's and AVX are urethane balls that all provide the best spin. The other balls are non-urethane and will perform well, but typically can't achieve the same level of spin. Keep checking on the Titleist site and with your local courses for a ball fitting. You'll learn enough there about the balls and your game to not have to compare 6 lines of balls.
  2. John M

    I went though this process when I returned to golf at the start of this year. I already had a full Titleist bag and had been playing with NXT's prior to taking a break from golf, so I was not sure which ball to use. So, I get the Toursoft, ProV1 and ProVx and played several rounds, changing balls each three holes and took notes. I discovered that the driving difference was negligible but the ProV1 was the best performing for shots 100 yards and in, so I went with that ball. Have fun in your golfing journey!
  3. Marc H

    I just participated in a Titleist ball fitting in Virginia. I am a low handicap, low speed, low spin, low trajectory golfer. My problem is getting the ball to stop on the green. After hitting a couple of balls on Trackman, the Titleist reps said that I was a good case for the ProV1 X, because it spins more and goes higher than the ProV1. They said I needed more spin to keep the ball in the air and get it to stop on the green. According to Trackman, I was hitting the ball much higher with more spin.

    In addition, I hit some 50 yard wedge shots with my current 56 SM5 M grind. I was complaining that the ball rolled too far. On Trackman with a ProV1X, the spin rate with my current wedge was 3000 rpm, which is very low. I should be getting 6000 rpm, twice as much. They said that the grooves were worn out.

    They had me try the same club (M grind 56) but new. Guess what the spin rate was? 6000 rpm. Just as they said.

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