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Hole in one.

Pedro C

Made a hole in one during my golf league with the provi 1 / no. 2 ball July 19 2017 at Woodlawn G.C. Adrian, Mi.

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  1. AMoss

    Congratulations!! Awesome
  2. Shaun M

    Way to go Pedro! How many beers did that cost you?
  3. Joel G

    Congratulations! What a thrill!
  4. Ralph C

    Be sure to register for your Titleist hole-in-one bag tag. I got my last hole-in-one when I was 12, I don't think they give a tag for that, haha. Congratulations on an impressive achievement (and an interesting club choice).

    Congratulations Pedro. I missed a hole in one a couple weeks ago by an inch, good to see someone get it done. Like Ralph said, don't forget to register for the Titleist hole in one bag tag. I too had my only hole in one when I was 12 so 25 years later, I'm still looking for number 2. :)
  6. Gabriel G

    Congratulations!!! Can I be your friend? I don't know anyone who has ever made one, much less made one myself. I fear I will die without ever making one.
  7. Sam K

  8. Pedro C

    This was my second hole in one at the same hole with the same club, I had one 5 years earlier but was by myself. This time i was in my league. It messed up my final three holes. lol I bought drinks for my league who ever wanted one, my tab the following week was only $40. not everyone ordered alcohol.
    Thank you all.
    Ok Gabriel G. you have a new friend hope this will rub off on you.
  9. augusto r

    Congrats, what a special day for hole in one
  10. Brandon E

    Congratulations, make sure you fill out everything for your Titleist hole in one tag, and show it off proudly.
  11. Jeffery M

    Congrats Pedro!! I know that course pretty well, not to far from me.
  12. Pedro C

    Thank you all, I hope i sign up for the hole in one tag bag right.
  13. richard f

    Nice one , well done !!
  14. Andrew D

    Congrats on the hole in one!! ⛳️‍♂️ -Andrew D

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