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Titleist Canada on Social Media

Mitch D Team Titleist Staff

Just a friendly reminder for those of you who use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  You can follow the Titleist Canada accounts (@TitleistCA) below:


For those of you who are not on social media, fear not!  We'll continue to post all Titleist news right here as we always have!

Mitch D

3 Replies

  1. Darius V

    Thanks Mitch...
    Glad you are remembering those of us who are not plugged into all the social media out there. I have been fortunate enough to get along without a cell phone or smart phone for 7 years now. My hope is to hold out as long as possible, but I know the time will come when I will have little choice but to invest in one. For now, it is nice to get on this forum and share in discussions from my lap top :)
  2. JKissoon

    I've posted many pictures on Instagram and Facebook. I get public likes on my pics on Instagram but I don't think it is visible to the public on Facebook. Is Facebook heavily guarded against non pro's posting to Team Titleist?
  3. AYip

    Thanks Mitch! I love following Titleist Canada on social media!

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