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Happy Holidays

Barry S

Would just like to take the opportunity to wish everyone and their families on Team Titleist a very Happy and safe Holiday season!

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  1. FJL

    Same here, Best Wishes and have a safe Holiday Season!
  2. Darius V

    Thank you Barry !
    Merry Christmas and a great holiday season to you and the staff and members of Team Titleist.
  3. JKissoon

    Same to you!
  4. JKissoon

    Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you as well!!! Hope Santa gets you some nice golf gear.
  5. James G

    Pretty sure on the back of Santa's sleigh is a 'I'd rather be driving a Titleist" sticker!!!
    Merry Xmas and happy holidays team. May your trees have clubs under them and your stockings be stuffed with sleeves of Provs.
  6. Dino J

    Best wishes to everyone at Team Titleist Canada! May your holiday season be enjoyable, peaceful and joyous!
  7. Wendy H

    I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas with family and friends. May you all have the best new year ever!

    Our holidays were very hectic. I was in a serious car accident two weeks before Christmas. I was hit at an intersection by someone who was on their phone and didn’t see the red light. My SUV was totaled but thankfully I escaped with only bruises. Finally got my new vehicle yesterday....another Toyota RAV4.....lots of room for golf clubs. Now I cannot wait for spring.
  8. Barry S

    Glad you were not seriously hurt!

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